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Thursdays with Tynaal: Review of The Night Angel Trilogy

Tynaal Consen

Can you give me an M? And an O? And an I-R-A-I-N-E. Woot! So, as you might guess, Moiraine was the ultimate winner of this year's Suvudu cage match series. It was quite an exciting final match, if I must say so myself. Moiraine was faced with a worthy opponent. Her opponent was Kylar Stern from the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks.


The Night Angel Trilogy follows the story of a young street-orphan by the name of Azoth/Kylar. Kylar becomes entangled in the schemes of the Sa'kage, the ruling entity of the city's criminal underworld. In an attempt to escape, he apprentices himself to the legendary wetboy Durzo Blint. Now, through his attempts to become a killer aided by magic, Kylar's fate goes along a previously unexplored lane, with the destiny of the world hanging in the balance.


When I heard that I needed to review this book, my initial reaction was: "Yay! Amazing series!" and I fully stand by that opinion. This was one of those series where you couldn't put it down and the pages virtually kept turning themselves. None of the individual books seemed drawn out or lacking, as one often finds in fanasty series; each was as gripping as the one before.


Weeks created extremely three dimensional and real characters. You find yourself captivated by their stories, being carried away in their experiences, and having your emotions influenced by their well-being.


All in all, Moiraine definitely had a worthy opponent, and the Night Angel Trilogy books are definitely worth reading!

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Ironically I picked all three up some months back while randomly browsing shelves at B&N. I do recommend it for those interested in something different and impressive . . . for the most part anyway. Pretty cool storyline and character development. First book . . . awesome. Second book . . . good. Third . . . dragged. Unfortunately by the end of it, I was done with the author.


About a month ago I found book one of his Black Prism work in a used bookshop and picked it up. Found the first 100 pages to be a complete joke . . . didn't even feel like the same author.

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