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  1. ***I originally had this at the bottom, but want anyone glancing to see this first - - - - To anyone who read all this, I HIGHLY recommend this series to any fan of Sanderson, looking for something different from his other titles. Alcatraz is quick, hilarious, sarcastic, unpredictable, and even involves reader participation. Give it a try.*** I don't usually look at book reviews, but this time I saw the cover of the selection and jumped at the article because I too found this 'young adult' series of his to be criminally overlooked. Heck we even had the same intro to Sanderson. Elantris
  2. No, no, and no....why can't people (the fans in particular) ever let sleeping dogs lie? We received the completed series trilogy, but still that wasn't good enough. "Oh, but we want more one-off novels" or "Oh, we want another tangent trilogy" Why??? Not my main pet peeve, though... Too many of you are always wanted some sort of TV adaption, but why??? The idea always was doomed to fail. I shudder to think what could happen with any on screen version of such a detailed, epic fantasy work. All I have to do is look upon the HBO insanity that became GOT to know the horrors that could b
  3. Pre-ordered mine a few days ago.....cool to see they're branching out a little. But....still would like to see a a little bit of recognition going toward the Shadow! Why not brainstorm some Shadowspawn designs? Perhaps a Forsaken or two??? Come on...
  4. Shouldn't there be a black shawl as well? We are speaking for all ajahs here, yes??? Just saying...not fair to ignore the Shadow. It's....always rising, afterall.
  5. LOL, of course he read the series. I would think that's an easy assumption in this case. Besides, how can you claim to be influenced by something if you never read/watched/listened to it? You can't. I think it's quite safe to say that most current popular writers of the genre....within the past 10 years thru today, have picked up at least WOT 1-3, if not the rest.
  6. Totally agree with this selection. Fantastic book, fantastic trilogy....one of my faves. If you're just getting into BS (hard to imagine by now lol), this is one heck of a place to start (either here or Elantris). The characters, world-building, magic system.....oh, and the secrets. Highly recommended.
  7. Best one I've seen in a while....went for it. Although, I'm still disappointed that nobody within their design/management team has thought about anything from the Shadow's perspective. Any sort of Fade/Dragkhar/Raven design would rock, especailly something of the Forsaken/Chosen flavoring. A no brainer to me. So if anyone reads this and knows somebody who works with them, spread the suggestions!
  8. I honestly think the majority of fans would respectfully disagree with that claim. I've never met a Star Wars fan that was remotely satisfied with everything that's ever been conceived in that universe (books, movies, etc). I, as many others will, say let the WoT legacy rest as is......certain conclusions were presented as they were meant to, others left up to readers, and that's that. There should be enough satisfaction from that, if we're not feeling selfish. I wouldn't have all minded the other two outriggers being published, but not off a single statement of note. Not worth the
  9. Congrats to all involved......one last achievement well deserved!
  10. That oil painting is bloody brilliant.
  11. That was a great read.......thanks for sharing. I know I speak for many as well when I say RJ's writing changed my life.....and it will be a religious experience to say the least when I open and close AMoL.
  12. Yup....was already met with disappointment after checking the site this morning. Definitely not the design I voted for in the poll a while back....*sigh*
  13. I'm finally impressed by a Perrin design.....well done.
  14. Okay, NOW we're talking! The first scene is one of the best I've ever seen period. Seen the second before.....pretty good. Third one is another killer style. ....and the fourth is definitely just creepy.
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