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The Wheel Turns: A Warder's Sword


Hello, friends! The Wheel has turned all the way around to Thursday again, which means two things: the weekend is not too far away, and it's time for our Rotating Features blog!


Remember a while back I posted an article about where you could buy a heron marked blade online?


Well, just recently, one was brought to my attention which takes my breath away! Here is the link.




It was custom made to specification by Brendan Olszowy and advertised on his website, called Fable Blades. Brendan doesn't replicate these; every item he makes is custom.


That sword though, is, I think, by far the nicest take on a heron marked katana I've seen. Possibly one of the nicest swords I have seen, full stop. It's just exquisite.


The website has a large gallery of his other work, including several weapons from The Lord of the Rings and other fiction, as well as some historical swords and weapons. It's well worth perusing and if you have the cash, then this guy can do some serious work.


That's all for now! Have fun!


Until next time, friends!

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The only problem is the hilt is not long enoughfor two hands. As far as i am aware heron blades are all two handed swords

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Mashiara Sedai


i Hate my computor How do you delete a post


I fixed it, Bougher.


I don't remember if the swords had to be two-handed or not.  But I do LOVE the intricate details on the sword blade, the hilt, and the scabbard!  I'm very much impressed by this!

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i want one!! But I do not think I would be able to import it!! It looks so beautiful to look at. Bougher, the swords were meant to be handed either two hands or one with equal ease. It is two handed cause I do not think I could lift the bloody thing myself without working in a gym.........

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