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The Lighter Side of the Taint: Late Night Infomercial


Gentlemen, are you suffering from limits to your natural abilities?

Trying to keep those special women in your life safe?

Not sure if you'll be up to saving the world from hoards of Trollocs?


Try new


The natural Saidin enhancement tool


You too can be a Dragon and feel reborn as Saidin once again flows as strongly through you as in your youth. Take an active role in regaining your birthright. Challenge those who would stand before you once more!




Now available from "The Stone of Tear" LLC


Check with your Aes Sedai before use. Test results achieved while linked. If channeling for more than four hours, stilling may occur. Callandor is not a replacement for training in the One Power. Do not use Callandor if you are suffering from the taint, as results may change. If you hear voices, see things that should not be there, or start laughing maniacally and cursing Lews Therin, please discontinue use immediately and seek the nearest Red. These statements have not been evaluated by the White Tower. Use responsibly.

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Stilling can't occur. Stilling is for Women. Gentling is for Men. Burning out is for both and Severing is what they called Stilling/Gentling in the Age of Legends.

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