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Gleeman's Tales: Throwback Thursday...on a Wednesday

Meghan Rayburn

Just like the title says, this week we're going back to the future to our fandom past. So many funny things have happened over the years, and I thought I'd bring back just a few.


For instance, remember all those years spent not knowing who killed Asmodean? (I know some of you reading might still not know, so don't worry, I won't give it away). Our curiosity spurred some amazing theories, and also some hilarious ones.




And of course,



Some of my other favorites are "Alternate Universe" type images which were featured on this Fan Art Friday a couple years ago.


First, an email inbox for Mat Cauthon by sleepinghour



and a magazine cover featuring Mat


Wheel of Time Magazine by Dragonmount's own sus-b (using the e-book cover for The Shadow Rising by Sam Weber and the Wheel and the Great Serpent chapter icon) -peregrine

In that same post, some folks in the comments mentioned that there is also an inbox for Rand, so I've tracked it down from here:





Lastly, a true classic, and I'm sorry but I have no idea who made this. I originally found it here, I believe. (Original source is here.)



Urgent Announcement!  The final Wheel of Time book is not a Memory of Light.  Expect one more book, due out in 2014! -Mashiara Sedai

That's all, folks! The Light illumine you; have a nice week!

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Thanks for featuring Mat's inbox. :) I made another one for Loial (way back in 2011, so certain comments don't follow ToM/AMoL canon), but the Rand one above isn't mine.


Also, just in case anyone's interested in the unholy union of WoT and South Park, here's WoT Park.

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Mashiara Sedai


Hi sleepinghour!  Loial's inbox was very funny!  I like Mat's emails containing stories about Rand.  *LOL*  Any interest in making more?  Dragonmount would love to read them!

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Thanks for this! I've just dropped by Dragonmount after having been away from anything WoT for a while and Mat's inbox made me laugh out loud. Great work by sleepinghour!

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