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Fan Art Friday: Storytelling Through Art (Part 2)


This week, I continue my ham-handed but humble exploration of multi-panel Wheel of Time art. Here's a link to Part 1, in case you missed it.



1. Rhuidean by Toraneko Studios (Stephanie Chan)


Scene: The Shadow Rising, Chapter 24, "Rhuidean." Rand and Mat walk into Rhuidean, where Rand enters the circle of glass columns and gains the knowledge (and tattoos) that mark him as the Car'a'carn. Here, Mat debates following Rand into the glass columns.


With a Dragonmount gallery (woohoo!), a deviantART gallery, an independent website, and accounts on Tumblr and Fur Affinity, this Aussie art student is enviably entrenched in the Internet art community. It's also worth noting that she takes commissions (If you check out her gallery and like what you see, you can go here for details).





2. WT Comic Commish 1 by RoseMuse


RoseMuse isn't likely to produce much more Wheel of Time fan art, and she's currently closed for commissions. But that's okay, since I'm more than happy to dig through her old stuff. Here's the first part of a four-part comic she did of Moiraine and Siuan getting into trouble as novices in the White Tower (Story by Vorador2. If you're curious, here are parts two, three, and four).





3. Father of Lies webcomic No. 1. Story by Clytemnestra215, art by Sasha-Melrai.


This was going to be the first page of an unofficial webcomic based on the world of The Wheel of Time, but it doesn't look like the project took off. Still, I love the concept and it was executed beautifully.






4. Darkhounds--Storyboard by kaikonen (Thomas Kaikonen Pettersen)


Scene: The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 6, "Gateways." Rand is attacked by Darkhounds in Rhuidean.


This Norwegian artist isn't one to shy from an artistic challenge or settle into a routine. He's tackled portraits, landscapes, and interiors, as well as written and illustrated multiple pages of an unofficial graphic novel based on Chapter 33 of Winter's Heart ("Blue Carp Street"). Here's the storyboard he did for an animation of Rand channeling (click on the image or the title for the full-size version!).



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Mashiara Sedai


The one of Mat and Rand is adorable! I love Mat's cheeky grin as he flips the coin. Very good!

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These are all really good. Completely different styles but all tell the story. Thanks for highlighting them so I can talk to them about JordanCon. :-)

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