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Fan Art Friday: Staff Feature!


Dragonmount is a dangerous place. Spend enough time prowling the forums here, and I guarantee there will come a point--in my case, halfway through explaining the Compact of the Ten Nations to my husband (His response? "Okay, now tell me the history of India.")--when you realize your obsession with The Wheel of Time has become a supermassive gravitational singularity not unlike a black hole.


Fortunately for Fan Art Friday, there's a fine line between insanity and genius. This week, I asked the Dragonmount staff to share some of their more brilliant Wheel of Time-themed art projects. It turns out I'm not the only staffer that's turned their obsession into a bit of good artistic fun.


I asked everyone to answer the following questions:

1. What is your position on Dragonmount staff?

2. How long have you been on staff?

3. Where are you from? What do you do in real life?

4. Who's your favorite Wheel of Time character?

5. Tell us something random about yourself.


I tried writing up everyone's responses in neat little paragraphs, but the post ended up reading like a page of personal ads for a date to JordanCon. So, I think I'll just let everyone speak for themselves!




Staff position? I'm the White Tower and Warders Social Group Leader, White Tower Role Play Group Leader, and White Tower Role Play Red Ajah Head.


Time on staff? At the Role Playing side, I was appointed as Mistress of Novices and Red Ajah Head in 2008. I was eventually appointed as Group Leader in September 2009. At the Social Side, I was appointed as Keeper in October 2009 and then as Amyrlin in February 2011.


How about real life? I'm from Cape Town, South Africa, and I'm a Rental Administrator (we rent out residential properties). I started out my working career as Archivist and Librarian at the largest Church Archives in the Southern Hemisphere.


Favorite character? Oh Lordy, that's hard...I like so many! At the top would probably be Cadsuane, Tarna Feir, Pevara Tazanovni, and of course the complete nutcase Red Ajah Head, Tsutama Rath :P


Something random about yourself? I carry a knife (and know how to use it!) and I used to have a Real Life Warder (a.k.a. bodyguard and good friend). He unfortunately moved to the West Indies, and I miss him terribly, though we do chat online.


Upper left: Moiraine

Upper right: Lan as Warder

Lower left: Elayne as Queen of Andor, with Birgitte as her Captain General

Lower right: Cadsuane


(All these dolls were made using Doll Divine. It's an awesome site and you should definitely check it out. But be warned--it's really addictive!)


Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image




Mashiara Sedai

Staff position? Theory Blogger.


Time on staff? A little over 1 month.


How about real life? I'm a native Arizonian. I'm going to school part time to get an English degree, and plan to graduate next year. For my day job, I'm a dog bather at an animal hospital.


Favorite character? Nynaeve was my favorite from the very beginning.


Something random about yourself? My biggest fear is of dinosaurs. Honestly.


Above: Cairhienin flag mosaic

Below: Wheel of Time flags (from top left to bottom right: the Banner of Light, Cairhienin flag, Tairen flag, Illianer flag)


Posted Image

Posted Image




reyler (deviantART, photobucket)

Staff position? Fiddlesticks moderatrix.


Time on staff? A little over a year.


How about real life? Originally the Detroit area, but now residing in Columbus, Ohio. I work at a sign shop.


Favorite character? I...don't think I really have one. Maybe Loial?


Something random about yourself? Besides drawing, I also like building papercraft models.


Upper left: Lanfear

Upper right: Loial

Lower left: Perrin

Lower right: Rand's Trinity


(Her Wheel of Time art is over five years old at this point, but I loved it and wanted to share anyway!)


Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image





Staff position? Children of the Light Role Play Group Leader.


Time on staff? Probably around 8 years, give or take.


How about real life? I'm from Israel and I'm a Vet student. About to transition into my last (clinical) year.


Favorite character? Nynaeve. Closely followed by Lan and Mat.


Something random about yourself? I watch Korean shows because I find them fascinating. And I really hate mint. :P


Above: Fade

Below: Hedgehog! (Hey, there are hedgehogs in the world of the Wheel!)


(Cool fact: Nyn makes signatures on request. Check out her gallery here!)


Posted Image

Posted Image




peregrine (~Alsdale on deviantART)

Staff position? Fan Art Friday blogger!


Time on staff? Four months and sixteen days, but who's counting?


How about real life? I'm from Pittsburgh, PA (read it and weep!). I'm there for doctoral studies in Engineering and Public Policy, which means I spend most of my waking hours banging my head off a computer desk for one reason or another.


Favorite character? I'm obsessed with Mat. Seriously, if he were real I would stalk him. I'm also a fan of Egwene (What? She's got flair.) and Rand.


Something random about yourself? I live on a stress diet of instant coffee and frozen dinners. That, and I've got a peregrine falcon tattoo on my lower back.


Above: Watcher of the Seals

Below: Eldrene (Sketch for a work in progress! Never before seen! Oooh! Aaah!)


Posted Image

Posted Image

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Absolutely stunning artwork Peregrine!!! The combination of watercolour and ink dark tones is beautiful :)


Oh, and I'm obsessed with Mat as well. Perhaps we could stalk him together :P

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Oh my, Eldrene - I'm already in love with her! It's going to be amazing, I wish you good work.

Quite a nice Loial there, such a rare thing to see.

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Absolutely stunning artwork Peregrine!!! The combination of watercolour and ink dark tones is beautiful :)


Oh, and I'm obsessed with Mat as well. Perhaps we could stalk him together :P

I was literally stunned for few moments...the detail is just out of the ordinary.

it's trio now, regarding Mat.

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And now you see why I let her take over Fan Art Friday. I can fake knowing about art. She's the real deal.

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Wish I could "like" Jennifer's comment. Guess I'll just have to settle for typing "extra like." You do great work, peregrine. :-)

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