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Fan Art Friday: Something Different, Part 1


Hello again my lovelies! It's Friday, and that means it's time for fan art! Except, this week I don't have fan art to show you. Curious, yes?


This week I want to show you art that has made me think of Wheel of Time. I think you all will see why! Now let's dig right in, shall we?




Wanderlust by FoxFires


I will admit, basically any painting of gypsies could be seen as a depiction of the Tinkers. But this one just speaks to me so much. The brilliant colors, the peaceful atmosphere, and the relationship between the girl and the fox. The Tinkers had large wolfhounds after all, so a close relationship with a fox seems very fitting! I can almost hear the music, it looks like she's looking over at the musicians, watching others dance, and enjoying the comfortable warmth of her home.




Character Portrait IV - edit by Jinxiedoodle


Bad-ass Aiel girl, straight up. Okay, her hair is too long for how the Maidens wear it. Maybe she has given up the spear now? That defiant gaze, the red hair, the scars, this character is simply made to be an Aiel.




Blue By Fragmented


This is Logain, just like I see him in my head! Dark, menacing, but handsome. You can see this guy declaring himself to be the Dragon, can't you? The clothing is too modern of course, but it is a black coat!




Ethiopian Beauty by Dark-Adon


No doubt about this one, is there? This is Tuon, of course. She is perfect, just like she is described; an almost too full mouth, big eyes, heartshaped face, and a face that can look boyish at first glance, but when you look again, undeniably female. If I ever learn how to make paintings like these, I could never make Tuon, because this is my ultimate Tuon.





Opale by Melanie Delon


Moiraine, of course. She's truly ageless; she could be 20, she could be 40. Her eyes hold her age and you can see she knows too much, she's seen too much. Blue eyes, dark curly hair, and the blue kesiera. The only "flaw" is that the chain on the kesiera is silver, not gold. Melanie Delon is one of my favorite digital artists, and this is the image that made me find her. It's so beautiful.



That's it for this week! Next week I'll have another batch of art that could have been Wheel of Time-artwork to show you! As always, tell me in the comment what you think. Have a great weekend!

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Well, Melanie Delon did do official art for the crown of swords book cover.


I know, and it's my favourite ebook cover!


'cept Moiraine is brown-eyed


True, true! I keep thinking she has blue eyes, I think I confuse her with Siuan on that. But otherwise it's spot on, yes?

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