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  1. Egwene's death really just reminded me of Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan's death from EOTW.
  2. Well *spoliler alert* You were pretty much dead on Hahaha. I was hoping they were good and would have an awesome ayyad force to rebuild the world into a new age of legends but it was still pretty cool!!!
  3. Well, Melanie Delon did do official art for the crown of swords book cover.
  4. I'd be a raken. They kind of look like dragons, but smaller..and are very fast and graceful fliers. They are herbivores......I like their determination to fly even if they are injured. ^_^
  5. I was living in Washington state and the summer i was to go into high school my family and i had to move to Colorado. Gearing for a long drive we went to the bookstore. I couldn't find anything so my older sister picked out Eye of the World which she had read the first two books when they had first come out. So only a few years later i read it on my way to my new home. Even moving to two new states and 17 years later I'm still in love with the Wheel of Time. Thank you!
  6. What i have been wondering about Shara is why dont they come for the Dragon Reborn. SeaFolk and Seanchan did. It was said in previous books, i dont remember where that because women aes sedai dont marry they were essentially breeding the OP out of themselves. Well, when it says in the glossary the Shara has male channelers used for breeding only and then they have the Female ayyad or channelers, wouldnt it make sense that they may all be stronger in the OP. So, why dont they go find the Dragon Reborn, Coramoor, Car'a'carn or whatever they would call him. Wouldn't they be generally in the light
  7. Theres a big mistake in TOM! On page 638 Egwene is talking to Gawyn. Then on page 639 Galad name is after the quote Gawyn says. ...Big typo. Hopefully they fix it in the reprint.
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