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Fan Art Friday: Holidays


It's winter holiday time! Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, or "Saturday," we can all agree that December is a depressing time of year unless you hang up some shiny decorations and eat some cookies. Unfortunately, there is not much in the way of holiday fan art, so this is a short entry this week.




Ravenwing136 has this cute sketch of Rand and Egwene dancing together at Bel Tine. In the series, Bel Tine represents the beginning of spring. It's a time of hope and renewal. I'm sure Linda Taglieri would have something clever to say about the symbolism of the story beginning with an interrupted Bel Tine festival, but I'll leave that for her. (P.S. Go check out Linda's blog. It is amazing.)


The picture itself has a great composition, with Egwene and Rand front and center. You can see the joy they feel while dancing. I believe this is a couple that cares for each other very much, as Egwene and Rand do at the beginning of the story. The background is full of nice details, like banners billowing in the wind and Two Rivers folk cleaning out their homes to get ready for Winternight. You can even see Cenn Buie lurking in a doorway as some goodwife fusses over him.


And that's all I was able to find. Hopefully, some of you will get inspired and create some new art for me next winter.

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Beautiful artwork from the heart! :aessedai:


I want to say thank you for including the Yule holiday! I celebrate this holiday myself!


Happy Holidays to all and enjoy the Wassail Ale!

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I do quite like this piece as well, but I'm hopefull we can get some folks cranking out new WoT art soon. We need MORRRRRREEEEEE! :-)

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I love how Egwene is looking at his face, and Rand is looking a little southward. Think it would fit better with Mat, but it's still funny.

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