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Fan Art Friday: Dragonmount's Artists


This week, for Fan Art Friday, we're looking again at the artists who post their art on this site. If you don't know already, Dragonmount is host to the Artists, Writers and Crafters Guild, an online club for creative types. There's lots of stuff going on there every month, you should check it out. The Guild's theme this month was "Love" and all of the art featured this week is on that theme.




This is a really nice wallpaper of Perrin and Faile by kirbalouga. I like the way she works in Perrin and Faile's totem animals, the wolf and the falcon.




A nice portrait of Moiraine and Siuan from New Spring by Mercutia. Mercutia calls this one "Accomplices" which I think is an accurate description of Moiraine and Siuan as Accepted. I can't be the only one who wants to see a reunion between those two, especially now that they are all het up.


That is, unfortunately, all the Wheel of Time art that was posted on the forums last month that fit the theme. Hopefully next month will have more for us to enjoy. Since I usually like to post three or four different pieces each week, here's a little something to round things off.


Some fan on Youtube has put together a nice montage of fan art set to music from the official Wheel of Time soundtrack, which was composed by Robert Berry several years ago. Enjoy!

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I really like the Perrin and Faile one; it really captures their individual essence.

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hum... on the Moiraine and Siuan art, can you say pillow friends ? :) all nice works!

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Nice Perrin pic and to all you pent up nerds out there, WOW thats hot, haha

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