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  1. I would pick the brown. . . staying inside and reading a lot is what all the cool kids do. . . right ?
  2. hum... on the Moiraine and Siuan art, can you say pillow friends ? :) all nice works!
  3. ah, the picture with the book title in it (at the bottom) is a more finished picture than the larger one provided here, defiantly a wolf on the one with the title. . if these keep coming out so well I won't be able to pic a favorite!
  4. well I guess if I look at the smaller pic it could be a wolf in the flames leaping off the hammer. . . Really great work btw! ! !
  5. I don't see the wolf leaping towards the hammer ? I see a wolf on the wolf "banner" in the background. and what looks to be a dragon in the flames coming Off the newly forged hammer. is that what you mean bgrishinko ?
  6. where are all the new ebook covers ???
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