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Fan Art Friday: Ariel Burgess


So my inbox has been flooded lately with a ton of "Have you seen this???" kind of emails. What are they buzzing about? The art of Ariel Burgess, also known as Reddera in our Gallery and on DeviantArt, of course!




According to her website, Ariel is a professional working artist who accepts commissions for a wide variety of work. That makes her fan art extra special to me. For professional artists, their time is money and any time spent working on unpaid projects is time that could have been spent working on a commission. So you know someone is truly interested in creating awesome fan art when they do that.




Ariel has been working for several months on creating character portraits for what she hopes will eventually become a Wheel of Time themed deck of cards. I have no idea if she's in touch with Team Jordan regarding this, but I hope she is. The quality of the art is excellent and I feel a need to encourage her with money.




My only quibble is that the watermark she puts on these is very big and distracting. Oh well. You can see more of Ariel's fan art and get the latest updates on her project by following her on Facebook.


On a side note, Brandon Sanderson and JordanCon are holding another one of those "Get your name in a Wheel of Time book" thingies. You can get more information about how to participate here.

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Not really for me. Like some of the action figures I used to collect - the characters look they come from the same mold and are tweeked a little. Everyone has a prominent nose, large, full lips, and arched eyebrows. The guys come off looking a little too feminine and Nynaeeve up there could almost be a guy (from the neck up at least :tongue: ).

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I agree with BEELZEBUBBLE, everyone looks like they are part of the same family. Or as if one guy posed in cosplay for every character, lol.

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I'll be honest, and I do so hate to break the trend here, but I love this artwork..... I have my favorites but the others are at worst passable and many rank highly. I didn't notice any kind of nasal abnormalities (except in Faile but that kinda in the books lol).


Considering that they are being made for cards I can't see how a nose would affect the appeal overly much anyway.


Perhaps I'm just bad at picking out criticism..... or maybe you're doing a great job =D

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Wow this is really cool!

Thank you.

You are correct I have been working on these for months while I am in college full time.


About the "critiques" in the comments. I do listen to the fans that have commented. If these did become an official deck there are things I would fix and the critiques tell me where to start. Also it is a book series so I try to stay as close as I can to Jordan's descriptions and what I imagine. To me the personalities are the most important thing to show.


Thank you for the article feature. I have shared it with all of the fans on the FaceBook page.


As to the watermark, I really hate to put it on. I would love to share the full images with out it but there are a great deal of art thieves on the internet. Also I do not think they could be sold if the entirety of every image was already up for free on the internet. That is also another reason I would make changes.


Thank you again. This is just wonderful,


Ariel B.

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