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  1. The Wheel of Time Playing Card Deck is now avalible at Taverentees.com Here: https://taverentees.com/threads/

  2. Reddera

    Wheel of Time Card Deck

    I am creating a poker deck for the Wheel of Time. Most of these images have been updated on the facebook page. You can also go there and click 'like' to support the project http://www.facebook.com/pages/In-Memory-of-Robert-Jordan/164127706972822
  3. Reddera

    Gawyn Card teaser

    Thank you Klepto I fixed the sword and chainmail on the final version after you pointed that out
  4. Thank you everyone, yes that is Moridin
  5. Hi Reddera - love your work...do you have any posters/prints of the WOT characters up for sale? I know you're working on the cards which look great too.

    1. Reddera


      Thank you,

      I cannot sell any of my WOT work with out Ta'veren Tee's so they have all of the work I have done for WOT.

      You can buy the cards and the poster I did for them here: https://taverentees.com/threads/

  6. I really apreciate you putting up my art but you did not ask. So please take this down. I have it in my own gallery here
  7. Just to let everyone here know that the cards are offically backed.

  8. If you ever do the card deck let me know. I would love a set for my collection.

    1. Reddera


      Hello LillithPax,

      I am sorry I never got back to you. I have been slow to figure out this site.

      The full deck of cards is now on sale on Ta'veren Tee's web site here https://taverentees.com/threads/

      thank you so much for the comment

  9. Reddera

    Demandred teaser

    yes I did. A few actors but mostly Goran Visnjic and Rufus Sewell
  10. Full agreement with Aiel Heart there.

    I've never foraged into the depths of the internet like this before, but I think being able communicate directly(ish) with an artist who is producing something like these cards is incredible.

    Anyway enough of my youthful blather, keep up the amazing work =]

    1. Reddera


      Thank you,

      That is very touching and it means a great deal to me. I try to communicate with everyone as much as I can and answer your questions.

      I'm sorry I did not get back to you here, I did not realized this part of my page existed until now.

      Thank you again.

  11. This is all colored pencil. Specifically water color pencil. I actually did not press very hard. With this I just layered the colors in rich reds, oranges, browns, and some gold. The reason it looks so dark is because the rest of the image is in soft colors. Only the shadow and hair are deep in color. Also the paper I used was soft and thin so I did not have to press down. but if you are using thicker paper you could press harder. I would be careful of that because it can create grooves in the paper and stand out of your image. I hope that answers your question :) A.B
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