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  1. Good show! Yeah, it looks like Richard F. and Ken S. are the only ones editing these days.
  2. Any more podcasts coming soon? Thanks to everyone for their hard work on these shows. I think they're the highlight of this site.
  3. Not really for me. Like some of the action figures I used to collect - the characters look they come from the same mold and are tweeked a little. Everyone has a prominent nose, large, full lips, and arched eyebrows. The guys come off looking a little too feminine and Nynaeeve up there could almost be a guy (from the neck up at least ).
  4. Special thanks to the 13th Depository for doing most of the research for this podcast.
  5. Hey, is that wolfsister single? She's kind of cute!
  6. Many of the same character types as in Brandon's other books. I would wait until there are two or even three books in this series out since it'll probably be years before the second installment. Like Mistborn, a little too much foreshadowing ruins some of the potential surprises near the end of the book.
  7. In fact, pretty much the whole article is copied and pasted here from last weeks's article - the wrong hosts are listed and everything.
  8. I believe the "Download this Episode now" link still brings up last week's show...
  9. How come there are more shows available at the link: http://www.dragonmount.com/4thAge/ than there are at the page linked to from Dragonmount's home page: http://www.dragonmount.com/index.php/News/podcast/ and some of the shows on the first link haven't been featured on Dragonmount's main page?
  10. The last picture looks like John Cleese as Sir Lancelot in Monty Python
  11. What? Is she stabbing herself in the gut? I don't know, I don't really like any of them. Sorry
  12. As someone pointed out on the DM community site, the guys on the cover look like Tom Cruise and Jude Law. Maybe they already cast the movie.
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