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Fan Art Friday: A Memory of Light


It's Friday, and time for fan-art!


I never did get any requests last week, so I get to decide again what to show you! Yay!


Since the spoiler-ban has been lifted, I wanted to show you art from A Memory of Light. This post WILL contain spoilers, so if you have not yet read A Memory of Light, I suggest you either ignore this post, or at the very least ignore the text!




Demadred 3 by CloodSama


I don't know about you guys, but my jaw dropped to the floor when the Sharans appeared. We'd been wondering for books and books about what exactly Demadred was up to, and then BOOM, there he was. I think he looks a bit young in this image, but otherwise it's really cool. The armor is stunning! I also really like the red background, very fitting.




November image teaser by Ariel B


For those that didn't know, Ta'veren Tees and Ariel Burgess launched a 2014 calendar with Ariel's art (she's the one who made the images for the card deck), and this is a teaser/preview of the November-image. It's Lan fighting Demandred. Lan is seriously bad-ass as always, and this image is packed full with movement. Lan's jump, Demadred's cloak flaring out, the clouds in the sky, and then all contrasted with the Sharans standing there in the background (creepy). Ariel is an exciting artist to follow!




May image teaser by Ariel B


Another image from the calendar, this one is of course The Flame of Tar Valon. I know I teared up pretty heavily at this scene (okay, fine, I didn't tear up, I broke down crying; my husband thought I was crazy). And I love, love, love this capture. The expression is strong and so full of emotions. I really want to see this in full-size and hope I get to buy the calendar soon!




Olver and the run with the horn by thuvia


Olver and Bela fleeing the the Horn of Valere. Poor Bela! That broke my heart a little bit too. The artist really knows horses, the anatomy on Bela is really good, and the detail of the sweat foam and her labored breath is very good. It's not exactly how I imagined the Horn; I've thought it was golden and more elaborate, but it fits very well into the context of this picture.




The living and the dead by Alsdale


Or Peregrine, as we know her as here on Dragonmount, a former Fan Art blogger, and the wonderful artist who made the banner on our Front Page! This is Elayne, Aviendha, and Min at Rand's funeral pyre. Her style is so unique and wonderful! The dresses are beautifully detailed and the frame adds extra depth do it.




But it was an end by TheLastRonin


Rand, riding off into the sunset, smoking his pipe. It's a perfect ending to this post, just like it was perfect for the book in my opinion.



And now it's time for us all to ride into the weekend! Enjoy yourself dearies, and as always, tell me what you thought about the art in the comments!

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Peregrine's art was also featured in the JordanCon program book last year. 

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I was gonna write that, and then I forgot! Thanks for informing Jennifer!

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Isn't there any art of Lan riding up the hill to face Demandred? I always felt like that would have been an epic scene to see.

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I love the last one :)


If the "i-take-suggestions" offer is still open, I'd like an AoL recap.


Not the most original ideia I've had but it's what I would like xD I know it could take a few weeks to make a full recap but in my opinion it'd be worth it.


Specificaly I have yet to see a good Nomeshta artwork ^^


Thanks for your hard work :)

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Mish, I bought the WoT calendar and just got it. It's fantastic!!! I'm happy you covered their art work here.


I thought the one of Egwene was particularly powerful.


I very much like the last one of Rand riding off.

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I love the "Flame of Tar Valon". I was very surprised at Egwenes death, but this picture does it justice. Congrats to the creator. Also the last one really captured the ending well.

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Occams; Not that I have found so far unfortunatley! I agree it would be an amazing image.


Naggash, I will see if I can find any artwork from AoL, I haven't so far but I'll look!


Ryrin yes the artist making the images in the calendar are amazing, I so admire Ariel Burgess :)


Jozan, I agree wholeheartedly!

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Hey all, I'm The Last Ronin, the artist of the last image.

I wanted to say thanks for the support and the kind words, Naggash.


It's great that the real fans get to share art like this.

 I used to roam the site a lot a few years ago and it's nice to stop by again.


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