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JordanCon Recap

Mashiara Sedai

Here we are, day two of JordanCon. So far, the Con has been a blast, full of activities and events. There's been panels, the Blademaster tournament, vendors, art shows, and costume contests. In short, anything and everything you could hope to experience in relation to The Wheel of Time.


If you're following Dragonmount on Twitter, you've already seen some of the events that have unfolded, as well as pictures of our favorite people--authors, artists, and fans. If you don't follow Dragonmount on Twitter (and you really should), here's a quick update of some of the goings on.


First off, the Toast Masters (who actually ate toast during the opening ceremony) are none other than the tWoT Cast--known for their foul-mouthed antics. Hilarity ensued, complete with an airhorn to make their rants viewable to a wider audience. Our own Jason Denzel, and past JordanCon Toast Masters, Leigh Butler and Richard Fife, were called from the past, to the present, to save JordanCon from the tWoT Cast's grip (a al Back to the Future.



For panels, there are several tracks with a wide veriety of purposes. Writing workshops, Wheel of Time discussions, gaming groups, and even speed friending. Something for everyone. Naturally, I gravitate towwards Wheel of Time related events, but even people who haven't read the series--and there are some here who fit that description--can have fun and enjoy the company of like-minded nerds. Of the Wheel of Time panels I've attended so far, "Loonie Theories" has been the funniest. The winner this year: The Wheel of Time series is a metaphor for childbirth. And a close second, Rand al'Thor is Santa Claus.


Patrick Rothfuss--of The Kingkiller Chronicles fame--is the Author Guest of Honor. It's been incredible seing him around, and seeing his willingness to speak with fans. He even took part in a Q&A session for Waygate Foundation's Write-A-Thon (hosted by Brandon Sanderson. The two greats talked shop, reminisced, and answered questions from audience members and those following along online. Brandon's illustrators, Ben McSweeney and Isaac Stewart also helped out, donating some drawings to help the event raise money.



There's plenty more going on. Currently, a silent auction is being held, and a masquerade ball shortly to follow. There's still one more day left, we we're going to party like it's our last night!

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Rand al'Thor is Santa Claus? I would support this theory, however it has already been proven that Finland is Santa Claus.

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