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Anyone want a Wheel of Time wedding?


Once in awhile we get something that isn't really news, but we still think is pretty fun. Today we received a casting notice from a British reality TV series looking to cast brides who want a "fantasy or sci fi" themed wedding. Here's the announcement:


Want a sci-fi or fantasy-themed wedding? Are you up for a challenge?


Then we want to hear from you!


In a brand new series for Sky Living, two brides-to-be will get the chance to share £25,000 for the big day! All you have to do in return is work in harmony together to plan an identical wedding day.


We’re currently looking for some brides who want a sci-fi or fantasy-themed wedding. With a budget of £25,000 we’re looking for people who want to be really creative and go all out with it.


For an application form or more information, please e-mail brides@dragonfly.tv and fill out the application form. Alternatively you can call David at 0203 487 1201 (UK applicants only)


So if you're looking for something different for your big day, give these guys a call.

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lol, i saw an add for a similar tv show and when the priest asked for the rings a guy in a gollum costume appeared.


i can only hope the bride is an avid lord of the rings fan

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should have seen mine, though it wasn't said, we did have a WoT one.


how craze are us fans especially when we get with one another.

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25,000 to cover two weddings? that's not very much. these things can be very expensive, especially if you want a themed one like this. but love the idea! Nutty fans are awesome like that!

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