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  1. This is the Dream that you are talking about right? I dont have my book with me but where did the number 7 come from? Also What is the sphere and what do the 23 stars represent? As to the Towers one, that is what i think as well.
  2. As of latest post, the BT thread will be worked on (hopefully wrapped up) early in AMOL, go check his tweet, love it when an author lets something slip like that.
  3. For a first tat, you should do something small, I would recommend you not doing the dragons till you have both time and money to spend on them, a full arm tat will take multiple sessions, also if you want the colors from the book, you'll have to pay extra for the metallics as well.
  4. Probably stems from the way he fought the shadow, some one stating that he was dragon like and he just ran with it, seeing how the AOL is our future then we might assume that they still have stories told of dragons then...
  5. hum now i do be wondering if those average of 2-3 a year that they gentle do be tinker men, lol.
  6. because we have only been told of the one, it is assumed that this is the only one that did survive. and seeing how its so late in the books it wouldn't be very wise to introduce a new one to be taken care of, so the assumption that there are no more is a valid one.
  7. Getting us back on track: Dude, I've been doing it for years now, hum maybe it when everyone else starts, lol. ......Thinking on how portal stones actually work, and designing plans on them. .... Wanting your hair to grow longer so you can put it in one thick braid and then shake said braid at people. ... When your mom post a post- chemo picture your first thought it "Oh MY, SEANCHAN!!! RUN!" .When you pull a black bandana out to prevent smoke inhalation and your friends joke that you've gone Aiel ( happened 3 years ago when the forest fire smoke was way to thick and I didn't have a smoke mask)
  8. I'll apply as soon as I can get my files back up on my computer, did an upgrade and now my files are all hidden :(
  9. We have never been told what they do if they discover one of their men can, we know that when they discover one of their women, they make it a huge celebration and bring her to the tower, possibly the man just wanders away in the middle of the night, or jumps off the nearest cliff.
  10. also the fact is we dont know if Mat is still tied to the horn as horn sounder, he did "die" twice since blowing the darn thing, first time was being hung in Rhu, the other was the Dead but balefired back to life thing, which because he was dead for a while there could have very well snapped the tie to the horn, maybe Lan has it in his saddlebags and blows it before a trolloc can bash his head in.
  11. It'll be ok if it's not out till Nov. Hey it could be the best B-day ever. lol. secretly plotting to drive down and sneek in to read the darn notes now, grrrr.
  12. That is true, but then we haven't heard that they didn't either. Though maybe the reason why they don't in the real world is that they tend to die young, though the times when she is forced to grow old were boring, She does though have a fondness for children. also, remember when Eggy was teaching the AS in TaR and the AS steped into the nightmare? they all had cuts, brusies and sores that they got from the nightmare. one even had her long hair shortend to a burnt fizz, perrin waking up with blood on him from the mad who was skined whole, the splinter that was embeded in someones thumb, i think that was Rand. So the Verin scar is not some mistake.
  13. and thats just a short hop apon dragon back, lol, was being more humorous than anything else.
  14. Ok so lets break this one down..... Obvious, this is Mat, though we can debate about where the halls of mourning are, maybe they were the various halls in the ToG? another Obvious on Rand/LTT (who was First Among Equals back in the AOL) breaking the seals and the DO. Perrin of course, though how he was prideful I don't know. now the problematic line: let me skip to the End and work back from there.What are The Midnight Towers? We were informed that yes there are things back in the Seanchan homeland that are called the ToM, but also after ToM was released that the title was a reference to the ToG, to the WT and to the "BT". I am postulating that the Broken Wolf is Noal/Jain Farstrider. We know that he died (literally fell and consumed by the Finn's) in the ToG, one of the towers ToM was referencing, there was evidence that some sort of compulsion was put on him, i.e. his recent memory problems, and that he disappeared in the Blight years ago, Mordin/Ishy back then was out during this time, so Death could have know him. And so we come to this line: Is the And bridging verses 4 and 5 or is the He in this line some one else? this could go both ways. if news of Farstrides death spreads then yes that can happen especially in Borderlanders, where he was a living legend and then And in this case is a bridge. But this line can go to a few other people as well, depending on the interpretation of Destruction, If we go with death then it could also refer to Lan and the army at Tarwins Gap. If you go with a Literal destruction, then it could be linked with Mat and his "Dragons" (but when have we ever seen a literal meaning in a prophetic verse?, its always been euphemized). personally I am leaning towards the Lan and his army at Tarwins Gap. the Tower in Malkier are called the broken towers so these ones are out.
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