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  1. wow that's amazing! really elegent and inkeeping with the book. One of the best so far.
  2. 25,000 to cover two weddings? that's not very much. these things can be very expensive, especially if you want a themed one like this. but love the idea! Nutty fans are awesome like that!
  3. oh! okay! thnx! I withdraw my theory then. phew, thnx for that. you have saved me from the anxious wait of a theory that is doomed to fail. XD Hmmm now to disprove my 7billion other thearies, 6.99billion of which are probably wrong!
  4. oh no! poor jenniferl will now be inundated with amazing WOT artwork that she just has to look at! however will she cope??? that was sarcasm BTW! if even half of the artwork is half as good as the ones she picks each week then lucky jenniferl! but I dont evy you your job! I couldnt pick the best I would just post them all! you go girl!
  5. ah yes thank you, warrenr! i had forgotten about that! I thought she was referring to when he was hung! I now agree with you Moriken for that instance but Mat still properly died in FoH and if he died agian by balefire then would it be enough to cut his link with the horn even though the exact moment of his death was reversed?
  6. your welcome Engarm! glad to help! and thank you jenniferl for the info!
  7. Engarm, try deviantart! I don't know for sure but I've seen alot of featured artists on there and I'm friends with RoseMuse on there! and even if it doesn't result in a feature, there's a great WOT community there and loads of brilliant artists who really know their stuff!
  8. oh yeah! I hadn't thought of that! but i thought Balefire only eradicated the object it hit from the Pattern and no balefire was fired around the time of Mat's death so I don't think it was taken from the Pattern?!
  9. thank you Rory Bayliss for your support! after so many years of evil WOT plottwists I've been scouring the books for stuff like that! and my conclusion...Robert Jordan is a genius at keeping us guessing! argh too many theories! and I think Mat did die as with the Aefflin prophecies?!
  10. Love the video news updates and look forward to more. There are still a few kinks that need ironing out but I can think of none previously unmentioned. BTW on the subject of theories, the Horn of Valere is bound to whomever blows it until that person dies, right? But Mat died! He blew the Horn in the second book, died in the fifth book and then it has not been blow again since. which means that the Horn is not bound to anyone! It's a wildcard! anyone could blow it! even the the Dark One! the dead heroes did say that they had fought both for and against Lews Therin before and so its power can be weilded for good and evil! now that's what I call a cliffhanger! Wow I got overexcited about that, but my point stands, right? please correct me if I'm wrong, though! I hope I'm wrong I want Mat to blow the Horn again but he did technically die, didn't he?
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