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TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT eBook prologue announced

Jason Denzel

Tor Books has announced via Tor.com" rel="external nofollow">http://www.tor.com/blogs/2010/08/the-prologue-to-the-towers-of-midnight-is-on-sale-now">Tor.com that the prologue to TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, the thirteenth book in the Wheel of Time series, will be available for purchase on September 21, 2010.

The title of the prologue is "Distinctions". Here's the story description:

In the prologue, titled “Distinctions,” Lan Mandragoran rides on toward death; Perrin Aybara, Lord Goldeneyes, has a disturbing dream; Galad leads the Whitecloaks into harm’s way; one who has left humanity behind creeps through the Blight; and the Blight border faces invasion.

The prologue will be available in ebook format and available for all the major readers. The cost is $2.99 US.

Towers of Midnight will be released on November 2, 2010. Please continue to check back to our website for regular updated related to this novel. In the first week of September, Tor Books and Dragonmount will release a special video "book trailer". We will have full coverage of that as we get closer.

In addition to the ebook prologue, it is likely that Tor.com will release several other free chapters to Towers of Midnight. This is just speculation based on what they've done for past books.

Pre-Order Distinctions, the eBook prologue to Towers of Midnight

Pre-Order Towers of Midnight


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Ok this thing comes out tomorrow and I am really wondering am I going to be able the download this thing to my computer (as has always been done in the past) or do I absolutely have to have a Kendal?

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For those worried about e-format. Amazon has a Kindle for PC app that you can download and read Kindle content on your desktop. I presume they have a Kindle app for the Mac as well, but not positive on that. They do have a Kindle App for both iPhone/iPod Touch and Android as well.


Barnes & Noble has an app for Windows, Android, and iPhone/iPod Touch. I would assume there is one for Mac as well, but again, not positive.


I'd be surprised if neither Amazon or B&N didn't have a BlackBerry app, but I haven't had a BB in about a year, so you will have to check their sites to see about those.


Hope this helps!

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After a lot of hassle yesterday i managed to fool Amazon into thinking I was a yank. Eventually I Got the prologue bought an downloaded, but I am still really p***** off with needless hassle caused by TOR & maybe Amazon too. There is no good reason why this could not have been released worldwideon the web.


P.S. Its a super read. This is it!! Tarmon G. looks like its got going at last!!

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