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ASoIaF on HBO...Casting


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Ok, I know we already discussed the implications of this actually happening, the general consensus being that we will all collectively crap our pants and subscribe to HBO.


But there was a small part of that previous thread that I am really interested in exploring further: the cast. I thought the casting of the Lord of the Rings trilogy was one of the arguably many things that made it so very good. It was almost like Peter Jackson reached into my skull and pulled out the characters I had always pictured and found people to match them exactly.


I think the same could be said of this new project. Without the right cast, we could end up with another "Merlin" or "Dune" debacle (I admit, I prefer the Sting version of Dune over the miniseries). Here are my thoughts about possible casting for each of the roles in A Song of Ice and Fire (including both well-known stars and little-known players):


Tyrion Lannister: Peter Dinklage Werthead is right. Peter is perfect for this role. He looks exactly as I pictured Tyrion, and he's a pretty darn gifted actor.


Jaime Lannister: Tim Roth If you doubt my choice on this, catch him in Rob Roy. Sure, he may not be as beautiful as Jaime is supposed to be, but he sure can pull off playing the arrogant prick. He would also be a good Littlefinger.


Tywin Lannister: Christopher Plummer From the first time GRRM describes Tywin, all I can ever think of is Plummer as General Chang in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country. The way he portrayed a battle-saavy commander who was also quite refined (for a Klingon) is exactly how I imagine Tywin.


Littlefinger: Chris Barrie From the Red Dwarf series.


Theon Greyjoy: James Purefoy Perfect amount of boyish insolence for this part. And his name rhymes with Greyjoy!


Sandor Clegane: Tom Waits I heard someone else mention him for the Hound's role and agreed 100%.


Varys: Philip Seymore Hoffman Never gonna happen, but one can dream.


Arya Stark: Dakota Fanning Again, never gonna happen, but I think she could really pull it off. That is, if they start filming before she turns 18.


Catelyn Stark: Miranda Otto Not an ideal choice, but I think it might be an ok match.


Cersei Lannister: Connie Nielsen As with Tywin/Plummer, once I saw Gladiator I always pictured Connie as Jaime's twin sister.


Stannis Baratheon: Tomas Arana He played Quintus in Gladiator.


Renly Baratheon: James Purefoy Actually, I think he'd be better as Renly than Theon. So this is where I want him.


Daenerys Targaryen: Christina Ricci I think I'm dreaming, again, but who could play the part of vulnerable confidence better than Ricci?


These are the main ones I've been able to come up with. Anyone else have thoughts about who should play whom?

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Guest Emperor

How about the Samson from Carnivale for Tyrion. He already had a working relationship with HBO. I do like your choice though Pait.


Rob Roy is an awesome film... but Tim Roth is not pretty enough for Jaime.

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But you've gotta admit that Roth's portrayal of Archibald Cunningham is exactly how Jaime is portrayed in A Game of Thrones. And Roth is talented enough to give the character the integrity that we start to see when things are shown from his perspective.


And I've never seen Carnivale. Is it good?

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Carnivale is my favourite show that no one watches. I don't know that it is my favourite show of all time, but I certainly HIGHLY recommend it. It's good on a second watch-through as well, you catch way more stuff. It was well crafted to be mysterious but have a final destination in mind.

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