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How to Kill Somone? Looking For Ideas!


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Hay all, I'm working on an RP plan and I need some ideas...


This is the basic outline (It's not finished or aproved yet so dont take it to seriously)



Basic RP Plan:


Bruce Shepherd, also known as Ram, is accused of murdering a young woman officer. He is seen running away from the scene covered in blood, heading for a gate out of the Citadel. The murder weapon found imbedded in the woman’s back is a pole-axe. Along the sides of the wooden shaft are carvings of decorative swirls and two ram’s, their horns locked in battle. Only one person in the Band carries a pole-axe into battle, and the unique weapon is known to belong to Ram.


The alarm goes out and soon a group of soldiers is assembled to hunt down the renegade officer.


There are two factions in the Band concerning the murder. Those that think Ram is guilty and those that believe him innocent. The two groups split from the main search party and are determined to find the fugitive Ram first. One group with a taste for revenge in their mouths and the other trying to save a friend.





I posted an 'add' on the Shayol Ghul OOC boards for a killer






If anyone has any thoughts or ideas to make this a really great RP I'd really like to hear them.


Later all...



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