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Approved WK bio for Korrena Candarr CC'd by FL


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DM Handle: Arie

Character Name: Korrena Candarr - "Nana" (only by her sisters)

RP Section: The Alliance

RP Group: Wolfkin

Place of Birth/Raising: Cairhien

Age: 16

Physical Description: Cairhienin, small and petite with dark ebony

colored hair, and dark blue almost black eyes, has a small pointy and

defined nose and cheek bones and is beautiful in appearance but not

breathtaking and often seen mistaken as her older sister if not for

her height. She stands short at 4'8" in height, she has a small

athletic build.



Character History


You probably already read my sisters Bio. Katrina? Yeah. But what she

forgot to mention was how incredibly unfair it was to be the youngest of 4

sisters that are all blindingly beautiful. Katrina (Rena) and Koramena

(Mena) are the oldest and twins. Katrina was betrothed, but you know

that already. They are both 21. And then there is Kristah who is 19

and pining for the courts and to be married. I think she's crazy. Who

wants to be in dresses and frolicking with her skirts in a bunch all

the time? And then.. there is me. I'm 16 and the baby of the family. I

don't mind it, really. But it sucks getting all of the hand-me-down

clothes and jewels and everything else. Not that mom and dad don't

have the crowns for new gowns, It's more that the older ones were

still in really good condition. That is, until i stopped growing. All

my sisters are much taller than I and I no longer fit anything they

could possibly pass down to me. But the one thing about being the

youngest, It's very easy to become invisible.


I loved my family, but i loved being alone too. Not that kind of

alone, but more the alone without the expectations that were placed on

my older sisters. I was only 16 and mom and dad had 3 daughters to

marry off before worrying about me. And thank the LIGHT! But as the

current year started to go by, Katrina started to hide more. She fell

back into a silence like i never saw in her before. As invisible as I

was, i watched, carefully. And at first i was worried. And then i saw

her with the wolves. And then I was scared. I wanted to tell mom and

Dad.. or Mena... but instead i watched very carefully. I started to

become curious.


And then I met Windy.


She was a wolfcub, far too young, the youngest in their pack. I

couldn't really understand her, or why she found me. But one time when

I was watching Rena in silence the cub wandered over to me. None of

the other wolves sensed i was there but Windy. I didn't know if that

was really her name, but it felt right. Windy visited me often when

Rena was with the pack. That is, until Daddy found out.


I don't think that I had ever seen Daddy so mad that night. Rena had

already left and Mom . Poor Daddy didn't know that I was gone that

night too. I packed up a satchel of probably more food than I could

carry and a cloak for me and something for Rena and I left.


Of course, i didn't know that Mena was right behind me.

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