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WT Bio for Alana Blackwood (Gallifrey912) - CC'd by the CotL


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Your Handle: Gallifrey912
Character Information
Name (first and last) of this character: Alana Blackwood
State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional
Age of this character * (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 15
(* Returning / Full AS character: age in main time line)
Name of country where this character is from: Andor

Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Green
Skin: pale
Height: 5.4”
Voice (low? high? any other characteristics? ie what does she sound like):  Alto voice, soft


Special Skills: healing with herbs, but not Healing, well-read for a merchant’s daughter   

Knowledge Weakness: life in a big city

Physical Weakness: a bit clumsy when she moves too fast, but it's a naturally clumsiness. She is less clumsy when she takes her time, which isn't often

Personality weakness: She has a fiery temper and tends to hold grudges


·Alana is generally very kind, but is firm with those she heals as an apprentice healer. Being the only daughter among four older brothers, she prefers running through the forest and climbing trees than sewing and baking, although she is moderately skilled in both. She loves to learn and is always doing something, but still takes time to care for her ailing grandmother.

·Alana is resilient, takes responsibility for her own life, faces problems in her life with little stress to herself, usually by making light of the situation while she is still working on it. She has a good sense of humour and appreciates a good prank now and again, but still listens to her parents when they speak to her.

·She loves to learn and does so with much organization and concentration, but still makes time to spend with her friends and family. 



  • Alana’s life began with death. Her mother died in childbirth so her father and four older brothers raised her, for the most part. She spent her early years learning to hunt and trap with her older brothers, while her father tried his best to also teach her cleaning and cooking, as well as sums.
  • Alana’s father, Shamus, was a local butcher and her brothers hunted the forest to provide the meat. Alana learned the art of bargaining and selling to buyers, but couldn’t stomach skinning and cleaning the animals. She generally helped deliver the skins to the leatherworker, who had a soft spot for her and always paid a little extra so that she could “buy a pretty”.
  • Her father remarried when Alana was eight, to a woman who then raised Alana as her own, teaching her to sew, read, and write and sent her to be apprenticed to the village healer at 13.  Ailis was a good woman who lost her first husband and small daughter in a fire that also left her unable to use her left arm. She was thrilled to be able to raise a young girl after having lost hers so suddenly and taught Alana everything she knew about the finer points of being a woman: sewing, cooking (refining what she already knew), baking, and helping with matters of the heart that make Shamus uncomfortable.
  • Alana easily makes friends, but is unfamiliar with dealing with flirts. One boy, Drystan, thought to court her in her fourteenth year, but Alana got flustered and ran. Later, Ailis explained what was going on. Alana liked Drystan, but wasn’t sure if he was still interested. He, having been embarrassed by Alana’s sudden retreat, acted as if it hadn’t happened, so Alana did as well, though she often wondered what could have been.
  • While Alana is adept at treating people, her true expertise is in treating wounded animals. A month into her apprenticeship, Alana had healed a small owlet that had been abandoned after falling out of its tree and broke it’s leg. She then raised it, treating the broken limb and then, after a recovery that left a mere limp, taught it to fly and hunt before releasing it to the wild.
  • She also helped the healer with treating several children during an illness outbreak. Because of her help in keeping fevers down, only two children died out of the thirty that were sick.
  • After a tearful goodbye to her family, Alana left for the White Tower, determined to learn all that she could about Saidar and hopefully use it to heal.
  • She is generally kind and tolerant; she has a temper worthy of her red hair and can hold a grudge. She came upon her brother, Liam, being thrashed by three older boys and quickly came to his defence, taking down one boy and scaring away the other two. Upon hearing that the reason behind the beating was her brother’s tendency to prefer males, and being caught with a well-known lady's man, who denied his willingness,  she lit into the three boys verbally and, in the case of his "unwilling" partner, nearly physically. 
  • When she was 15, the Aes Sedai came to her village looking to replenish their supplies during an epidemic. The Aes Sedai notised the healer's apprentice and saw that she was healing a little too well for an apprentice using only herbs. She approached Alana's mistress and offered to test the girl once the children had been cared for and Alana was found to be able to learn to reach Saidar.
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