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Due to DM moving to new boards some of the info  maybe obsolete.  Mainly to do with moving boards around, so links will be effected. Most of the content still applies.




Hello and welcome to Dragonmount :P



This thread will tell you more about


- how to register and join in

- useful pointers like control panel, Abbreviations etc...

- a description of all the boards on Dragonmount

and lots more...



Want to register and become a DM member? Click here! Give your name a bit of thought to avoid the need for change as this obviously creates work for the admin guys. A name that can be pronnounced to some degree does make life easier. If you must make changes to your name, send an email to help@dragonmount.com with a request. Make sure you send your current handle, your email address and the new handle you want to change it to.


Having got here...


It would be great if you started a new thread here, introducing yourself, giving us the chance to say 'hello'. And to ask any question you might have ;)


What next?


Well, having registered, you are now free to roam and post all over the place. Golden rule, please read announcements and stickys where ever you go as they contain information about everything from posting guidelines to how to join various usergroups.


Control Panel


Editing your profile, a forum search function, joining user groups, PMs etc... you will find everything under Forum Options... top right hand side of your screen.


Robert Jordan's Blog


Look for it above the forum options, top right hand of your screen. And yes, apparently he does read the comments that people leave there. If you click on the comments to any of the blog entries, you will find a reply form at the bottom of those.


Spoiler warning!!


If you have not yet read all of the WoT books, be aware that you will encounter a lot of spoilers on the book discussion boards. The others boards should be reasonably safe from unwanted information. Please keep it that way by putting any book related topics on the designated boards only. Further info under the WoT board descriptions further down.


Acronyms and Abbreviations


RAFO... this one had me foxed when I joined... it means 'read and find out'


tEotW, SR, KoD, aMoL etc.... the abbreviations for the booktitles


drpsw...dragon reborn portal stone world (Roleplay part of DM)


imho....in my humble opinion

IC...in character




OOC... out of character

PoV... Point of View

RP... Roleplay

RJ...Robert Jordan

WT, BT, SG etc...White Tower, Black Tower, Shayo Ghul etc...the abbreviations for the boards.

WoT... Wheel of Time


What's the difference between boards with similar names? Between Roleplay and Non-roleplay?


For example: The White Tower (Org), The White Tower (DR) and The White Tower (Div)


- An Org is a mainly social place. Unlike in Roleplay, you do not create a seperate character here. Some of them are loosely based on WoT structures, but there main function is to cater as someone put it, for out of character interests. Everything from discussing music to exchanging recipes.


- The DR boards are where the members of the Divisions post their roleplays. To Roleplay, you create a fictional WoT character and than write it's story, normally in conjunction with those of other Roleplayers. All the stories are coordinated so that there is continuity. There are strict guidelines ruling the character and story dimensions.


- The Divisions are where the Roleplayers hang out outside of the actual Roleplay. Discussing their strategies, helping each other with storylines and character questions. Recruiting for up-coming stories.




Roleplay related board titles are highlighted in blue.


Each board title is a link to either the board itself of the info thread for that board. Some of the links may not work if you are not a registered user. Some of the quotes may have extra links. When you visit a board, please do look at their announcement and sticky threads. These contain information on what to do and what not to do, or on going projects and other important stuff.


A lot of the usergroups have private boards. To see those you have to join them first by going to 'Usergroups' under the 'Forum Options', choose the group from the drop down menue and click on 'view information'. There is no limit on how many usergroups you join, though it is advisable to start slowly, or you'll soon find your screen flooded with unknown places.


If you need help with anything or would like to make comments, please talk to the Board Moderators here. Have a good time!



Wheel of Time


useful WoT reference sites when posting on these boards:




General Wheel of Time Discussion

Here you can discuss anything at all to do with WoT. If you can't see it, post a new topic. Please discuss in a polite and respectful manner and have patience... some people may not yet have read all the books and/or be totally new to all the topics. If you hope to avoid spoilers, post your topic with a request 'up to book X only, please'.


Structured Wheel of Time Discussion

As the name says, here the discussion is more structured. You must read their 'do's and dont's' sticky before posting. New topics are posted by the Moderators only though you can make suggestions. Please use search function to see if your topic is already there before making your request. For people new to the series, here are links to threads on this board that discuss those books and should not contain spoilers for later ones. Thus you can avoid viewing spoilers on other thread titles. Feel free to post your querries/observations... some may not contain any posts as yet.

The Eye of the World

The Great Hunt

The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

The Fires of Heaven

The Lord of Chaos

A Crown of Swords

The Path of Daggers

Winter's Heart

Crossroads of Twilight

Knife of Dreams

New Spring






New Members

Well, that's where you are now *g*. Do post a thread and make yourself known, we love meeting new people here. Any questions about this place... just fire away... someone will come up with an answer before long.


General Discussion

A place where you will find all sorts. From discussions on which books to read to a thread about American Idol. The odd forum wide announcement gets its first airing here as well as the odd, more personal one. It's a bit like the village green, where you can hang out and talk about anything.



Spam, Spam, Spam! Home of the mafia and werewolf games.


Debates and Discussions

The infamous D&D board... some say you need a Kevlar vest to enter... You will find every topic under the sun comes under fire here. Golden rule: be polite!! If someone is getting obnoxious, just ignore them, don't get yourself banned from the forum by retaliating... the Moderators will deal with it. If you don't like other people questioning your point of view, ignore this board.


Dragonmount Meets

This is where real life Dragonmount meets are being planned. Check out if one is about to happen near you.


Help Desk

Will tell you what to do if you have a problem.


Silly Stories

A place to post humorous stories/RP's that do not fit in any other category. You do not have to have a Roleplay account to post here.


The 4th Age

This is the place to discuss the 4th Age Podcast (you'll find links for the podcast top right of screen).



Discussion Groups


The Wagons of the Tuatha'an

The Tuatha'an are a small discussion group dedicated to keeping the color, song, and peace in our lives. We've no particular topic of discussion, but are more than willing to lend our contributions to whatever flight of fancy crosses your mind. You're always welcome to warm yourself at our fires!


"A Game of Stones"

*Warning: The Game of Stones may be Addictive*

With version 2 due out soon the Dragonmount Guild is gearing up for war. The WOT sensation that is sweeping the net, who will you be? A warrior, a wanderer or a channeler? Come check it our and join our Org.


Better than Snakes & Foxes! This is the home Dragonmount's Guild at gostones.net


Children of the Light

The Children of the Light is a Discussion Group that focuses on Comedy. It’s place where anyone can drop by to have some fun and be silly. We have weekly polls that celibrate our wackiness, and once in a while we take out our Tour Bus and go visit the other Orgs and DGs at Dragonmount to spread the love and have fun. Even though our theme is Comedy, members aren’t required to be extremely witty or anything. The only thing we require is that you like having a laugh. So come visit the CoL and make fun of us a little.





Aiel (Org)

Current Affairs Org. We also like to talk about books from tome to time to spice things up! Please check out our monthly discussion thread and feel free to join in.

Ell (Alaksuleiel, Org leader)


The Band of the Red Hand (Org)

Do you like music and travel? Do you want to be part of the greatest fighting machine in Randland? Do you want glory and honour above your wildest dreams? If the answer is "yes", "yes", "yes", then check out the Band of the Red Hand ORG! This the place for you!


Sign up as a Raw Recruit and experience life of all 3 Regiments. Then decide upon your Regiment and work your way up the ranks by earning points by doing reviews, signing into roll calls, writing articles for our monthly newsletter, The Hornsounder, and much, much more!


In between doing work, have some pleasure! Take part in our countless games, gamble in our Lottery, and challenge your friends to a duel in the Arena with our ORG Game. And this is just touching the surface!


To find out more, click here and dive into the world of the Band of the Red Hand!!!


Black Tower (Org)

Greetings, and welcome to the insanity that is The Black Tower!


The Black Tower is the gaming community of Dragonmount. Where we engage in One Power Fights for which we have designed a system which involves a set of Fight Rollers, which are provided courtesy of the Staff, for your use in burninating your fellow members! We also have discussions on new games, books, movies and other items and are currently developing our own MMORPG, so all game programmers are welcome in the hope we can make a kick @ss game.


If you like the sound of all that, then you must have come to the right place. So stop by our boards, post around and feel the place out. Meet the other Madmen of the Black Tower and earn yourself some points so that you can increase your skill in the One Power and your Rank within the Tower. Have fun. You'll find that we are a pretty casual bunch of people around here. Savage, yes. Insane, yes. We just have a twisted sense of humor is all... (We blame the Taint for that!)


"Please Beware of Random Stabbings and Beatings."

-Sincerely, The Staff


The Illuminators (Org)

If you are even vaguely creative this is the place for you.


This is where where poets meet painters by the fireside, where we talk about costume making and photography, whilst our musicians are tuning their instruments. Sig makers are discussing fonts and a whole new world is being created by the writers. But be warned, if you are on a diet, you might find all the talk about yummy food in the Crafters a bit disturbing...


...and not a creative bone in your body? Don't worry; we are happy to see visitors. You might be able to give some of the feedback creative bods need, or maybe you have a creative dilemma that we can help you with. And whilst there, why not try some of the projects on our main board? You might discover hidden talents in the process! Click here for more info.


PS: still a bit short on Blacksmiths and Carpenters... so step forward if that is you :D


Signature Requests

Where you can post a request for one of those amazing designs. Please read the announcement thread on this board before doing so. You also have the option to enter into a monthly auction for a new signature. All it involves is that you post a number between 1 and 500  here.



The Kin (Org)

The Kin’s goal is to accept members from all associations and walks of life, whether they are able to “channel” or not. We were born from the imagination of a few members of other Orgs who had found that they didn’t quite “fit” into life at our home Org. Here at the Kin, we’ve created a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where we have points and raisings, but our focus is mostly on each other, not on status.


We have monthly projects that include a monthly exchange, an information/connecting thread at DM and an assortment of other fun things. Our interests cover everything that our members are interested in. Our focus is on each other; strengthening the bonds of “Kinship” we’ve created at DM and enjoying each other’s company. Our activities and conversations, chat nights and very personal raisings all work towards that goal.


Ogier (Org)

Welcome one and all to the peace and serenity of the Stedding! We here at the Ogier are a mature, fun-loving group who love nothing more then a stein full of ale and pipe of the best tabac of an evening. Monthly exchanges, multiple discussions and activities, and recipes are just a few of the things we do around the Stump. So come one, come all, and remember that there is only one cure for the Longing in all of us


Seanchan (Org)

DM’s home for Movie, TV and Gaming. The Seanchan boards host an array of topics ranging from upcoming movie news, current TV shows, reviews of current movies, popular video games and much, much more. Our boards also have up to date movie trailers and movie/TV shows of the month discussions. Please feel free to drop in and participate.

Emperor (Org leader)


Shayol Ghul (Org)

Joining Shayol Ghul is easy. Your first post on our boards automatically makes you a Lightfool, the first rank in our rank structure. Those Lightfools that aren't scared off by banter, stabing and their own lack of self-worth and manage to hang on, live through the hazing proscess, eventually get accepted into the Shadow proper.


Since Shayol Ghul is the only Org at DM dedicated to fun.. erm, I mean evil, we decided to increase the possibilities. Thus the Org is actually made out of 3 sub-organizations - Dreadlords, Shadowspawn and Black Ajah. As soon as you ascend from Lightfool level, you get to pick one of these factions and while they are all part of the same Org - Shayol Ghul and follow the same basic principles, they are unavoidably different not least due to the people that occupy them and make each faction a unique experience.


Unlike in the books though, the evilest thing we ever do is bend a rule here and there. If you understand that morals are relative and have more often then not been a cause of great intolerance, if you can treat others based on what they do not how they look, if you want to experience what brotherhoods/sisterhoods are all about...then this Organization is the right choice for you! Note of warning though, you will not be cuddled... well, accept maybe in Black Ajah, but they're weird like that *nods*

The White Tower (Org)

Are you male or female, young or old, smart or stupid, or just something in between? Then the White Tower is the place for you! Our members have a wide variety in interests, background, age and nationalities, and that's a good thing, because the White Tower has something for everyone.


Are you a man and want to be an Aes Sedai? We can do that.

Are you a woman and want to be a Warder? That's certainly something we can fix.


Whatever it is, wherever you come from, the White Tower has something for you. So why don't you drop by, take a look around, and if you like what you see then you are more than welcome to join our ranks. We would love to have you!


Maria Sedai

Keeper of the Chronicles


Wolfkin (Org)

The wolfkin is the nature community of dragonmount. Whether it is taking a walk down the trails of your nearest natural park, or sitting on your front porch watching the sunrise, we encourage our members to appreciate what is out there. We ask them share what joys they have found with the community so others might see and enjoy what other parts of the world have to offer. Through pictures and park reviews we share our love for the natural world in its wild state…. ok enough official stuff we are also the party org of dragonmount and if you love a good party come to the wolfkin. You will have a blast and fit right in. well hope you stop by to see us. I’m sure you will fall in love and never ever want to leave.


Our ranks at present are: pup, packmate and wolfbrother/sister. It takes 10 points to get raised to the next rank. To join the wolfkin is very simple. Go to your usergroups on dragonmount and select wolfkin org and click join. Once you have done that our private boards will appear right below our public boards. There you must come and post that you have arrived for us to “officially” welcome you though all are welcome to come and join us.


Well I guess thats all there is to say. Do stop by and have some TQ and a bowl of chilli. I’ll see you in the stedding.


Turnings of the Wheel Roleplaying


Revolution One

Turnings of the Wheel is for roleplay stories based in the Wheel of Time world which contain characters or plotlines not found in the books. It is recommended that you make a character bio on the Bio/Discussion board first.



This is where your journey into Turning of the Wheel Roleplay begins. You will find information on how to write your character biography and plan a roleplay.



Dragon Reborn Roleplaying


North (DR)

East (DR)

South (DR)

West (DR)

The Blight (DR)

The Citadel (DR)

The Farm (DR)

The Fortress of Light (DR)

The High Seas (DR)

Seanchan (DR)

Tar Valon (DR)

The Threefold Land (DR)

The Warders Yard (DR)

The White Tower (DR)

The Wolfkin Stedding (DR)

These are the boards where Roleplay takes place. Home of the Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World. To join the roleplay, please submit a character biography to your chosen Division. More information can be found on the Roleplay Discussion board and on the Biographies board. Read only if you are not cleared by RP staff!!



Dragon Reborn Planning


Biographies (DR)

Place to go if you are interested in getting started in Roleplaying. You will find a thread with instructions of what your bio should contain and tips on how to make a good bio, as well as where to deliver it. Once you have send your Bio to the correct bio checker for your Division, it will be posted here when it is approved, and when you see it has been CC'ed (Cross Checked) you are ready to start RP'ing.


Role Play Discussion

This board is to discuss anything relevent for the DR PSW RP boards.



Peoples of the Light


Children of the Light (DR Div)

Do you want to protect the innocent and stamp out evil? Are you interested in digging for the truth - no matter what it takes - to rid the world of Darkfriends and Witches? The Children of the Light Division may be the place for you.


Whether you wish to fight in the Army of the Light, punish wrongdoers as a member of the Hand of the Light, or act as a spy in our PSW's creation the Order of the Light, the Children of the Light provide a haven for those of all nationalities who wish to serve Our Creator. Everyone is welcome - from the most rabid of believers to the more liberal interpreters of Lothair Mantelar's works.


Warders (DR Div)

Our Division is more than just Warriors bonded to Aes Sedai. Many men and women choose never to bond to an Aes Sedai and instead dedicate their lives to protecting all Aes Sedai and the White Tower, itself. These individuals are Tower Guards. All who undergo the training will become Tower Guards, if even for a very brief moment before their chosen Aes Sedai bonds them as a Gaidin. If you find the calling to protect Aes Sedai and all that they stand for, join the Warders Division and begin your journey toward becoming one of the greatest fighters The Wheel of Time has ever known. By accepting the challenge and joining us you too can stand on the slopes of Shayol Ghul and battle the shadow during the last battle.



White Tower (DR Div)

"Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have the power of the Aes Sedai? What would you do with such power? Would you help to save the world from the onset of the shadow or perhaps would you work towards a darker purpose?


Here, at the White Tower Division, we welcome you to find out!


Visit our own home-away-from-home - www.whitetowerdiv.org to find out more about what we do, and how we do it.


All the Ajahs are represented in our Role-play, including that scary one that nobody likes to talk about. Whether you've tried a bit of RPing before, a lot of it, or none of it at all, come over to the White Tower and meet us - if you're new to RPing, or the Wheel of Time, we'll all help you into it gently.


When you join the White Tower, you'll start off RPing as a novice, gaining experience and fulfilling certain requirements, before you're raised to Accepted, and then after some more required RPs, you'll be ready to be raised to full sisterhood. During this time you'll make friends and enemies (inside the RP - outside of it all you'll find is friends), choose your Ajah, and all the other things that go along with living in the White Tower, but whatever you do, and whatever Ajah you choose, the main thing is that you'll have a good time.


So come and meet us, and see what you think. "




Congress of the Shadows


Shayol Ghul (DR Div)

Shayol Ghul is the only Division where we are all openly evil. It is also the only Division you can be nominally part of while also being in another Division (A Darkfriend suldam, or a Darkfriend Warder)!


Shayol Ghul is the Division, however, for those of us who want to be openly evil, who don't want to hide amongst the shadows, pretending to be friendly, and praising the Light, it is for those of us who wish to destroy the Borderlands, ravage the southern nations, and free the Great Lord!


You see, Shayol Ghul is one of the most varied, and open Divisions in Dragonmount. You can be a Darkfriend Assassin, maybe a courtesan, or a Dreadlord, using the Power to destroy all who stand before you. You can even be a Trolloc, and live in the Blight, or be a Myrddraal, and command fist upon fist of Trollocs, ripping apart Lightfool armies. Either way, Shayol Ghuls freedom of choice makes it a great Div.



The Unaligned Races


Freelanders (DR Div)

The lands are rife with war and strife.

The Dark One seeks to own,

All that you have and hold and love:

The seeds of Darkness sown.


It is said in some corners that the White Tower pulls the weaves of the Pattern and in others that the Dark One’s minions seek to shape the future into some bleak desolation of our world. When Power faces Power, Nation faces Nation and Black Coats face seven-shades of shawls, who will be left to defend you and yours? Who will take up arms to guard your lives and your ways of life? Take your destiny into your own hands! No lessons but life lessons. No boundaries but those of your own devising. Be as free as the wind. Join the Freelanders…


…It is your life, lead it as you will!



The Peoples of the Dragon


Aiel (DR Div)

Our home … the wetlanders call it the Waste, the trollocs and other Shadowtwisted creatures call it Djevik K’shar. Both have the same meaning – the Land of Death, where nothing survives. Nothing, but the Aiel. We call our home the Three Fold Land a shaping stone to makes us, a testing ground to prove our worth, a punishment for our sin. Yes, it is a cruel land, without mercy and unforgiving. It does not tolerate weakness, and has thousands of ways to kill you, but there is no other place in this world where I would want to live.


Can you survive the Land of Death? Come join the Aiel Division, and find out.


Band of the Red Hand (DR Div)

Hoof beats beat all surround us, the sound of arrows replaced the wind and the clash of arms become the music we listen to as we dance with Jak o’ the Shadows. Our brothers stand under the Red Hand, forged in battle we became brothers and sisters in arms and hearts. For centuries our name has lived in the realm of greatness. Now we stand and fight together against the shadow and the injustice of the world.


Can you feel the horse, the arrow, the sword, your brother calling your name for the ranks. To stand and dance with Jak of the Shadows with the Band of the Red Hand. Come join us here in the Band of the Red Hand Division and see how well you can dance.


Carai an Caldazar!



Black Tower (DR Div)

"Can you feel the call of saidin? Does the male half of the One Power throb in your veins? Do you have the discipline and the strength of will to survive the rigours of channeling and the taint? The Dragon Reborn has declared amnesty for your kind - once despised and feared, pitied and rejected - will you answer his call?"


The Black Tower Division is the Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World's haven for channeling males (other than those fiendish Dreadlords in Shayol Ghul). The majority of the characters who choose this Division are Asha'man - men who wield the One Power - however others may choose to join the Division with non-channeling characters known simply as Civilians. If magic and mayhem are in your nature, then perhaps a character here would be one worth your choosing!


Wolfkin (DR Div)

Do you find your eyesight sharpening? Do you find yourself howling at the full moon? Have you been suffering from excessive hair growth? Have your eyes adopted a distinct yellow shade? If your answer to all of those questions is yes, then you might have hepatitis! But if you get checked and it comes back negative then you DEFENITELY belong in the Wolfkin Div!


Whether you choose to be a Ranger, a Tracker, a Sage or a Watcher, we welcome you with open arms to join our big happy family! So join the Wolfkin! If you RP you get cookies!



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Guest Egwene

Having trouble & need Tech Support? - 1st try: [ Visit our Help desk ]

2nd Option: Help@dragonmount.com


Have questions about the Wheel of Time books? - Books@dragonmount.com


Want to contact Robert Jordan? Learn More


Need help with the Wheel of Time Discussion List? - Help@dragonmount.com


Have a question about the 4th Age Podcast? - podcast@dragonmount.com


Have a question about Organizations or community events? - Community@dragonmount.com


Have a question about Role Playing? - RPG@dragonmount.com


Have business questions or offers? - Webmaster@dragonmount.com


Want to call or FAX? - Toll-Free voice mail (only) and FAX:



Not sure who else to contact? - Webmaster@dragonmount.com

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Guest Egwene

If you see a 'no posts exists for this topic' line, just carry on posting on those threads as normal. It is due to a technical hic-up we had quite some time ago and should only effect the odd old thread.


Just click on the page before the last and post replies as normal. The message only appears between the last posts of a page and the first post of the following page.


Along the lines of 'now you see it... now you don't' :wink:

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Guest Egwene

Hi Anne Marie, great to see you :D


Hope you'll post your own welcome thread. so we can give you a thourough 'Hello'.


Have you been to the WoT Discussion Boards as yet? You'll find a big poll about the 'Asmo question' on the General WoT Board. It would be great if you voted as well. As long time reader, I assume you have a theory or two of your own :wink:

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