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The movement of the Seals..

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I simply find it hard to believe that Androl could pick-pocket the seals from Taim while the Forsaken was holding saidin. If Moridin confirms to Rand that it is simple enough to discern an increase in heartbeat while holding the Power (this is how Rand ostensibly "outted" Weiramon as a Darkfiend), and Egwene can see voles burrowing under the ground and eating the grass roots (this was either at Merrilor or in Kandor during Tarmon), then how could Androl have a hope of stealing something so valuable from Taim in that heightened sense of awareness?


Are there any clues, as to perhaps Taim being simply tired or distracted? This was a disappointing and anticlimactic plot point for me (aside from no catharsis via Logain's desired retribution), simply because it felt so contrived.

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