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Thomas Was Alone


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I was wondering if anyone else had played this marvellous minimalist puzzle platformer. (Just a warning: I'm going to be using lots and lots of positive adjectives to describe this game)

The game follows the adventures of a spontaneously generated AI called Thomas, as he moves through the two dimensional virtual world that he exists in. This sounds pretty cut-and paste, but with the beautiful background graphics, the amazing lighting and the unparalleled narration make this game into something else. The little red rectangle of Thomas is one of the greatest characters that I have 'met' in a video game for a long time, and I found myself playing it at points just to listen to the next snippet of narration to find out what happened next.

If you want to get the game cheaply, it's in the current Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you like) and it's also on steam, I'm not sure how much for though.

Anyone else played it?


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