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New dog in town


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Blood and bloody-ashes.. This forum rocks!


Jordan-swearing aside ;) Its great to hopefully talk to folks who have read this series. I'm on my 3rd read through atm and hoping I can be done by the time the last book is released.


Favorite characters: Perrin - LOVE WOLVES

Mat - and his band

Morraine and Lan



Least favorite: Galad blah!

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Hi puppeh blackie doggie :rolleyes: Geez it's gonna be hard to come up with a good nickname for yooz :tongue: I'll just call you Mr Dog until I come up with something better :nods: So weeeelcomsies to the awesomeness that is DM :biggrin: Glad you decided to join us! We're a bit crazy, and a lot fun :happy: You should tottally check out the Social Groups cuz that's where most of us hang out :smile: Since you like wolves, I'd suggest the Wolfkin. There are also discussion boards and RP boards if you like that sort of thing. Feel free to poke your nose in wherever, we don't bite....well much anyways :rolleyes: And if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Hmm I liked perrin quite a bit before, he was definately one of my favorites. But then after Faile got captured, I didn't like him so much after that. Mat is AWESOOOOME! :biggrin: Some parts with him in it will have me laughing so hard people give me strange looks :rolleyes: Moriane is my favorite :wub: Lan is pretty badass too.

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Well.. I decided that my username was a bit... lackluster.. So I created a new and better one!


Thanks for the responce Cyan. Its great to be here. I was actually looking into possibly training to become a Warder. Elyas was a wolfbrother warder, so why can't I? I'll be heading over to the Social groups now. Looks as if I need to create a profile picture and get some signature goodness going on!

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You could have just asked the admins to change your handle ya know :wink: But no matter. Hmmm I shall call you.....Haze :nods:


And you're most certinally welcome :happy: In that case you would want to check out the White Tower. You can be in multiple SGs btw. I'm in both the Wolfkin and the WT so I'll see ya around :wink: As for siggys/avis, you would want to look at the Siggy playground for starters: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/forum/82-the-siggy-playground/ There's a lot of talented artists over there. If you don't see one you want, you can request one and one of us will most likely get around to it in a few days :smile:


Feel free to PM me if ya need anything or have questions :tongue:

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