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AMOL Final Predictions Repository (Pre-prologue)


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This forum is centered around what we think is going to happen in AMOL. Most threads focus on a specific character, event, prophecy, etc. Yet, we don't have a single topic where we can put all of our thoughts down to edit and refer back to easily.


I propose using this thread as a place where each person, in a single post, lists their current thoughts/predictions on the events in AMOL. I believe such a thread would be useful for everyone for several reasons:


1. Having all of our predictions in one place may help us see connections between events we would otherwise miss.

2. Make it easier to see what your favorite forum members' thoughts are about AMOL.

3. Provide an easy and fun way to look back after reading AMOL and ask "what was I thinking!!??"


Your post could cover every topic ever discussed on this forum, or just what you're really interested in. Some examples: how will Rand die? who is Demandred? How will Perrin "save" Rand for a second time?


I'd like to suggest two rules for this thread in order to keep it focused (unlike so many other threads...)


1. For simplicity, each user should reply to this thread once, then edit their existing post with new thoughts/predictions as they come.

2. Do not reply to other's predictions in this thread. We already have active threads discussing every issue; post any comments elsewhere.


Obviously, I can't enforce these rules, but I think they will help keep this thread a focused, unique, and useful contribution to the forum.


I hope to start laying down my thoughts after work today. I look forward to seeing everyone else's current state of mind.

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Fromhttp://www.dragonmou...st/page__st__80The prophecy"He shall hold a blade of light in his hands, and the three shall be one" is in two parts. The first refers to Rand taking Callandor from the Stone, and is also in the Seanchan version (Essanik Cycle);  the second refers to the three ta'veren.


Janduin was Hawkwing reborn, and had to die to be returned to T'A'R. His son Rand will be revealed as the son of Hawkwing, which will carry the day with the Seanchan and lead to a proper alliance, not merely a truce. (Though this may not happen until AMOL.)


Asmodean died because he stepped onto Rand's skimming platform just as Rand began to move it. He was already scared of Rand because he knew he had overstepped the mark by playing mocking music and made Rand murderously angry with him. He took one step through that small door onto the skimming platform. Rand was facing the other way and didn't see him, he was concentrating on the meal he'd Skimmed to the pantry to obtain after he'd rejected the soup provided. Frightened at seeing Rand, Asmo gasped 'You? no!' and stepped backwards in shock.. right off the platform and into nothing. His dead body will fall onto another Skimming platform. Rand will think 'So that's the sound I thought I heard..'


Bashere will be revealed as a DF. Taim will be found to be in cahoots with Bashere and Moridin. The seal he gave Rand was a fake.The final seal is the mosaic floor in the tower in Rhuidean (TFOH 6)


The wolves will be revealed as the Unseen Eyes of T'A'R. I don't think the UE are evil, since they only seem to induce uneasiness, not fear and a desire to protect oneself by wearing armour / carrying weapons etc.


The Asha'man lapel pins will become active somehow, and that is how Rand will regain control aver the Asha'man.


Moiraine will be revealed to be Ilyena reborn.


Mat's marriage to Tuon has been dissolved by her 'death' when she announced herself Empress (tGS Ch 35), after the meeting with Rand. She referred to Mat as 'First Prince of the Ravens' during that meeting. (oops!)


Oh, and Mat will acquire some memories of Gaidal Cain courtesy of the 'finns, and marry Birgitte...


The DO will be defeated by being gentled. The Bore will be closed by Tinkers and Ogier Singing the Pattern whole.


The Aelfinn answer 'If you would live, you must die' was fulfilled when Rand's old self 'died' during his epiphany on DM. Alivia's involvement in this will be shown thus: in the crossover where Cadsuane meets Perrin and his band, Alivia was not invited along, but she watched Cadsuane form the Travelling weave and follows with her own Gateway.


From his memories of all his lives, Rand becomes fluent in the Old tongue, including 'harsh dialects' of it, and realises that various documents such as the Karaethon Cycle have been mistranslated over the years. This will reveal certain important items of information wrt the defeat of the DO.


There is a journal among Herid Fel's books now in Min's possession that is concealed by a bookmark ter'angreal similar to the one used by Verin to hide her BA list and codebook. It contains info on how to seal the Bore.


At some point during the LB, Mat will strap a couple of Aludra's 'dragons' under the wings of a to'raken and 'the fox that makes the ravens fly' will 'ride like the sun on high'.


Someone is using the dice ter'angreal to counteract Mat's luck and make him vulnerable.


Olver will try to kill Mat after being persuaded that Mat was responsible for his Dad's death.


The Broken Wolf is Taim. (Or possibly Demandred..   :wacko: )


"And his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself. " refers to the destruction wrought by Mat's cannons.


Rand will have to die to meet the DO directly. Alivia will 'help him die' by telling him how the Bloodrings work, and he uses one. This also fulfils the 'blood on the rocks' prophecies, since the rings are made of SG rock.


The --- in the Blight is a third redstone doorway into 'finnworld. The 'red veils' are a Blighted strain of 'finns.


Min will be killed before she can tell Rand what he has to do.


Rand will give Mat the sword Justice to help him in his dealings with the Seanchan.


Elayne will complete her pregnancy in T'A'R, where time can run faster than in the world. Her children will turn out to be Calian and Shivan, and will mature in T'A'R.





PS: I read the first few posts in the super-spoiler thread and decided I wouldn't read any more of it...........


ETA:Taim and Be'lal...http://www.dragonmou...page__st__60#66 et seq


Aviendha pregnancy:http://www.dragonmou...page__st__40#48

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With the sudden flood of spoilers, this thread is a bit late - not its fault, though. Where possible, I'm adding predictions with references to where I said them originally, to establish provenance.


But I'd like to add this new thought: I'd really like to see Mat use the Horn to call the Heroes to Lan's assistance!



Also: Rand IS T'A'R in person, or at least its avatar..



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