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WoT MUDs player


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I have been into WoT for a long time now. I started reading the first book at around the time the 7th book was published. I have read all the books so far, and most more than once!


I am a fan of MUD games based on the WoT with wotmud being the one I play on the most. My primary char there is Mhaliah. He is a Lion Warden. The game is huge for a MUD and has a lot to offer for fans of the series and MUD fans alike. If you have ever played a MUD or are interested in playing a RP game based on the WoT it is a great one to get involved in. You can contact me if you have questions, or if you log in at wotmud.org and see Mhaliah on the "who" list send me a tell.


Bio: (abbreviated) late 20s, m, southeast Louisiana. Chemist.

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