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Weaves in D20


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I hate the way the D20 book does weaves, it can be done like the series.

Meaning the only limit should be you ability.


I'm splitting the powers up by Talents, and the talents by main element.


SO, I have a request.


Yall wanna throw some Idea about talents at me?


This is how I'm formatting the spells.


I'm using barriers, meaning that you need to increase your channeling abilities to SAFELY use higher "level" powers.

Any deviation from the books in this example were necessarily for game mechanics.



This is the Talent to heal another person completely of any wounds or ailments. Healing is a common Talent amongst Aes Sedai and some Wilders. This Talent focuses on Spirit, but uses small amounts of the other five powers.


Base Healing - Heals one HP 1d4/2 levels.


The strength for the healing comes from their body, you literally speed up their normal healing. If you heal more than a person’s Constitution, without giving them time to rest, you run the risk of doing serious damage. This also means if the person wouldn’t recover normally, the healing will kill them.


Healing Barrier one-


Heals 1d6 per intelligence point, works like the Base Healing, except the power used for healing comes from the Channeler. If you heal more than your Constitution score, you run the risk of doing damage to you self.


Healing Barrier Two

-Cure Disease (under constructions)


Healing Barrier There

Buffing (under Construction)


Healing Barrier Four

Blood Boil -or- (something not evil) (you'll be able to pick)


Healing Barrier Five

No idea, I think it will be some kind of mass heal. This is epic crap, this will involve Cloud Dancer size flows of Spirit. Which I imagine will require a Chosen level Channeler using a powerful Sa'angreal. Something to make your moth water as a player, but you'll rarely get to use it. (like the fabled 11th level dnd spells)



None of that is cement yet, just a formatting/system example..

I Imagine along with the levels, the dm will keep a secret number, that tells how far they've "stretched the rubber-band", and how far the CAN "stretch it". (like the analogy?)


I'm not asking for detailed ideas, just talents that are odd. Things that aren't in the books!


And, if you come up with something usealbe, I'll credit you/your RP character with the discovery of the talent! Like "(This talent was first seen used by <insertname here>" or "<insertname here> is said to have discovered this talent)"


Aren't bribes fun!:p



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