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  1. I see your point about the similarities. But how does all this help with the Issue ITT.. I feel we're getting off topic :P
  2. Gleemen :P I saw the site a couple of times on Google searches whilst I've been working on this Wheel of Time Dungeons and Dragons stuff! Probably Tear :P Not a big fan of Aes Sedai... I about threw aCoS out my window a few time. Nynaeve in Ebou Dar, but they all act like that. Umm, my favorite Chosen? Asmodean probably. And it's probably be Tear, before the stone fell.. I don't think I could handle Amadicia.. I'm rather religious, The Children of the Light represent the worst of my my religion. The reason most people don't like Christians, would be because some a
  3. I hate the way the D20 book does weaves, it can be done like the series. Meaning the only limit should be you ability. I'm splitting the powers up by Talents, and the talents by main element. SO, I have a request. Yall wanna throw some Idea about talents at me? This is how I'm formatting the spells. I'm using barriers, meaning that you need to increase your channeling abilities to SAFELY use higher "level" powers. Any deviation from the books in this example were necessarily for game mechanics. Healing- This is the Talent to heal another person completely of any woun
  4. Quick note lol Redoing the One Power system, don't like the one given.. Not like the book.. My line about drawing to much- :P book joke "This can range from doing damage to them, to killing them, and in the worse case, severing them. This can range from doing damage to them, to killing them, and in the worse cases, severing them. "
  5. When I do post it, you know every square inch of it will be wrong, and they'll let me know it. I'm going to use Campaign Cartographer, I'll see what I can do.. I can think of too many descriptions of what exactly happened in the breaking.. If I can get an idea what changed, I might be able to have a good place to start.
  6. In there mental workings, the people of the wetlands, are the same as us. Certain locations would be rebuild, because of their access to water. New cities, would undoubtedly be built, but the larger places would remain. In our world cities like Babylon, now known as Bagdad, have stood, been destroyed and rebuilt, by more wars then we even know about. Water means trade. 99% of civilization in our would is on the coast, on a river, or connected to a river/ocean by rail. Cities that aren't by a water source, especially in the united states, only sprang up after a rail line went through
  7. I'm starting Wheel of Time D20. I'm trying to set this up, so people who haven't read the books can play, and it not ruin the story for them. For this reason, I've deiced to set the story in Age of Legends. I feel I will have more elbo room in the Second Age. The first and man problem, is the lack of information. I have a pretty good grasp of Cultural anthropology, and will be able to disseminate the cultures of areas, but what conquests they've made, and those who've conquered them. This wont be near as accurate as it would be if I could ask Robert Jordan. But that's not possible,
  8. Hello, I'm GuyApollo. I am here now, don't worry.. Everything will be ok.. :P Joking aside... How goes it. I'm Guy Apollo.
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