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Not new, just back

Red States Rule!

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Red States just wanted to announce that he has returned to being a real person and now has access to a tv and the internet again. Basic Training was fun and now I am training how to do my own individualized training out west.


Having fun and just glad to be back to the best website in the world. Thanks again to the staff while I was gone to have this here for when I return!


Red States

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Guest Egwene

:D Hi!!! Welcome back Trouble!!!


It's been awfully quiet without you, mate. No declarations of war, no board meltdown, no epic battles on D&D... in other words... good to have you back!!!8)


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Good. I just might try to have better behavior, especially when typing on these government monitored computers on base here..... so maybe not as many board meltdowns or declaration of war to come until another computer!

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Welcome back RSR


*waits for explosions to begin* :wink:

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