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Shrooms ~ Attn: James


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Sunlight filtered through the filmy curtains casting an ethereal glow about her quarters. Small particles dancing and flitting throughout the beams brought about a realization. Her rooms were in need of a sound cleaning and the Brown sister simply did not have the heart to do it herself. She did not really have the heart to let a novice or servant into her private sanctuary either, but that was better than having to complete the loathe task herself. Considering it was nearing the end of spring and time for her annual sojourn to Cairhein, the cleaning could be accomplished quite efficiently by the time she returned. Yes, the trip would take at least a fortnight if not more, but Shaneevae had not allowed anyone within her quarters in ages. It would take that long to set it right.


Clearing a spot at her mahogany desk, Shaneevae began to make a list of needed items for her travels. Multiple thoughts ran through her mind as she scribbled furiously, recounting the number of specimen jars, changes of clothing, notebooks, new and old; new for compiling newfound information and old for reviewing the previous years findings. Suddenly the Brown found herself overwhelmed with the amount of preparation needed before leaving. How had time slipped away from her? In order to reach Cairhein at the optimal blooming time, she would have to leave…..tomorrow. Tomorrow!


Shaneevae rang for a novice and began to dole out orders as quickly as they came to her mind or off her list, a list that got considerably longer each time she looked at it. Suddenly she stopped in her erratic tracks and looked toward the golden haired novice helping her.


“Child, go at once and inform the Commander of the Guard that I will need an escort, one guard should be sufficient, to leave promptly at first light in the morning for no less than a fortnight.â€




Having been up half the night gathering miscellaneous items, Shaneevae’s disposition was less than pleasant. Saying a silent prayer to the Creator, she entered the stables hoping to find a congenial companion for her trip. A guard that would be supportive, maybe even be willing to assist her in gathering samples. At the very least, she hoped he wouldn’t be moody. Moodiness drove her insane. Okay, so she would settle for competent. After all, she hadn’t given Commander Vedrig much time. Goodness, she hoped he had not assigned her some wet behind the ears boy.


Two servants followed behind her and began loading her baggage onto a packhorse while the groom readied Birdie. Patting the gray mare, Shaneevae looked around the stables wondering who her escort would be. Several men and women of the Yards were about, but none had approached her. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a man not much larger than a boy slumped over his horse and snoring quite loudly. Her lips thinning, she walked over and tapped him upon the shoulder.


“Excuse me.â€




Brown Ajah

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Feeling a tap on his shoulder, Aran grunted. It took him a moment to realise where he was, and what he had intended to do. Without opening his eyes, he fished about with his right hand for a note he'd written earlier and held it up for the Aes Sedai to take, Shaneevae Sedai if he recalled correctly. Either way, he didn't care for the moment, he just wanted some extra sleep while he could still have it. Waving the note about to emphasis it was there for the taking, he felt it slip from his fingers after a moment. Smiling slightly, he hung his arms around his horse's neck once more so he could nod off again.


Eyes widening, she took the note offered her and began to read. This is my beauty sleep, as you can see I need alot of it. Take the reins, wake me up if I'm needed. Shaneevae rarely became indignant, but this was entirely too much. She was exhausted herself and could have used some extra beauty rest, but unlike her traveling companion, her beauty was still well intact even on little or no sleep. Stomping her foot, she poked him in the ribs and awaited his response with her arms crossed beneath her breasts.


Waving an arm at the poke, Aran put his arms around the horse again. "If you can't read get someone to read it for you, I'm sleeping. This is obscenely early." As much as he was frowning, inwardly he was laughing. He had little doubt that this was going to go down just beautifully.


Shaneevae’s mouth dropped open at the audacity of this….of this ingrate. Realizing that her mouth was still agape, she promptly snapped it shut and poked the offender in the ribs and made sure to dig her finger in deeply. “You had best wake up, sir and I use that term loosely, before I strip you of your clothes and tan your backside.†Good Creator, what had gotten into her? She rarely displayed a foul temper, but something about this man’s disrespectful nature had set her blood to pumping.


Grunting, he waved his hand about again, inadvertently missing Shaneevae's face by a few inches. "I am awake, thats the problem. And it won't be anything everyone hasn't seen before." Taking the reins he held them towards her direction, though a bit higher as he thought she was in the saddle. "Now if you'd be so kind, we have a good deal of travel ahead of us. If you're entertaining the notion of me taking your reins later, you'd best take these now." There was a definite grin on his face now as he shook the reins almost in taunt.


The flush of anger spread across her chest and up her neck as she reached for the reins he taunted her with nonchalantly. Leading the horse casually from the stables, Shaneevae embraced saidar, weaving Air, she landing a sharp crack to the horses haunches causing it to rear up on it’s back legs before running frantically across the stable yard forcing the belligerent Tower Guard to set up and take the reins. The Brown sister stood with fists planted firmly on her hips and a catty grin upon her face.


"Blood and bloody ashes!" It took a moment to find the reins, dancing about in the air as they were. Almost sawing away at them to bring his steed under control, he turned the horse towards Shaneevae. Clip clopping slowly towards her, he stopped short a foot before he spoke almost lazily. "This is going to be a very long trip."


Smiling almost beatifically, Shaneevae smoothed her riding skirts, ran her hands across the exposed portion of her bosom, tilted her head and swayed back towards the stable where a groomsman had Birdie saddled and the packhorse loaded. Mounting the mare gracefully, she kicked the horse slightly and walked her toward a truly disgruntled Tower Guard. Tossing him the reins of the packhorse, she smiled angelically. “I am Shaneevae Sedai of the Brown Ajah and who might you be? Sleeping Beauty?â€


"Not anymore I'm not." Taking the reins, he tied them to the horn of his saddlehorn. Already, a great deal of possibilities were going through his mind about Shaneevae Sedai. Specifically, what to do to repay her for what she'd done. Not that he couldn't laugh about it, but he would laugh more later, after he'd had some sleep. "Aran, and I recognise you, I'm surprised you don't recognise me." Smirking, he turned his horse about so it was alongside hers and set off at a slow clop.


Tilting her head, she looked at him quizzically, studying his features, trying to place him. Dark hair. Brown eyes. Nope, she couldn’t place him. Would it be rude to say so? And did he say he recognized her? Shaneevae despised the thought that he recognized her without her recognizing him. Turning to face him, she narrowed her eyes and asked, “Why would I recognize you and why would you recognize me?†Dear, that came out as paranoia. Had she become suspicious in her old age?


Smirking, Aran raised an eyebrow as he responded. "Come now, how many ways could we have met, and you would not have remembered? As I recall you're rather creative, I'm sure it will come to you soon enough."


“Well, I rarely find myself incapacitated, so I think you must have me mistaken for someone else.†However, in actuality, she wasn’t so sure of it. Certainly, she would have recalled meeting him and good Creator, she could count her lovers on one hand. Turning her head back to their path, they continued through the city dodging morning merchants setting up for the day’s business. “Tell me, Aran." She said nonchalantly. “Do we share any common friends or even acquaintances?â€


Laughing, Aran's smirk just grew as they rode through the inner gates and into the city of Tar Valon. It was going to be a very long trip indeed, for at least one of them.




Tower Guard


Shaneevae Sedai

Brown Ajah

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Two and a half days they had ridden and for two and a half days, she had tried to ascertain just what this annoying twerp knew of her. It had pricked at her mind incessantly and she was near to throwing herself from her horse and beating the bloody pulp out of him, not that that would be hard since he was snoring away draped over his horse like a sack of potatoes and totally unaware of the world surrounding him. Push him to the ground, straddle him and beat him senseless until he became more forthcoming with the information she wanted. But would she do it? Or would she simply play along and act like it didn’t bother her, all the while seething just under the surface.


Smiling a grand scheme came to her and she quietly led their horses into a private copse along the side of the road. Weaving Air she gently lifted him from his mount and laid him softly upon her out spread cloak before loosening the bindings of his clothes. Just enough to give the appearance of impropriety, although she admittedly looked a little more than was proper. A well-defined chest displayed to the early summer sun and the lacings of his britches unlaced would have him thoroughly disoriented. Yes, this would hinder their progress a bit, but it was most assuredly worth it.


Sun. Blinking, Aran's eyes were slits as he looked about, he wasn't on his horse like he remembered. In fact, he was on his back, and he wasn't on grass. Sitting up, he looked down to find he was on Shaneevae's traveling cloak. It took him a moment later to realise that his tunic and his breeches were undone. Odd. Had he fallen from his horse? She must've decided to take a peek while he was out cold. Reaching for his breeches, he began to do them up, he was going to have to have a word with her about that.


Shaneevae came back from her jaunt with a wreath of daisies; she grinned and attempted to still the giggles threatening to erupt as she saw Aran dressing. She practically skipped to where he was and set provocatively at his side affording him an expansive glimpse of cleavage in the process. Ignoring the dumbfounded look upon his face, she placed the wreath upon his head and stroked his cheek. “Aran, can you ever forgive me for not remembering you?†She batted her lashes and pouted her lips trying to look the picture of innocence. Leaning in closer, she brushed her bosom against his arm and whispered into his ear, “But you quickly reminded me, didn’t you, lover?â€


What is she o- So thats what she had in mind. That or his memory was faulty. Grinning, slipped his closest arm around her as he laid the other on her leg. "I did? I think I might need a reminder." At that, he surged forward.


Mother’s milk in a… Shaneevae’s breath froze in her chest. What was she to do now? She hadn’t expected this in the least. She had expected protests and bewilderment, but certainly not….this! Schooling her features, she purred up at him. “Oh you need a reminder, do you? I would have thought my screams of pleasure would have been all the reminder needed.†Slipping the tip of her tongue across her lips, she dragged her hand down his chest and across his abdomen. “I think you’ve had reminder enough for one day, lover.â€


"Nonsense my dear, one can never be reminded too much." Bending down, he began kissing her neck as a hand tried to get behind her back to get at the lace of her dress. All the while making promises and entreaties of love.


As much her body enjoyed the contact, her other senses were outraged. Balling up her fists, she pummeled his chest and pushed him onto his back, “Why you……you…..you arse!†Climbing to her feet, she picked up the hem of her skirt and began to stomp off before turning around and stomping back to his side. Fuming, she grabbed her cloak and yanked it from beneath him sending him rolling across the grass. “You made me believe something had happened between us. I was just paying you back and you…..you tired to take advantage!†Stomping off again, she quickly turned back, “You…you…you son of a trolloc whore!â€


Trying to keep a look of shock, it was shattered when she pulled the cloak out from underneath him. Laughing as he rolled, her tirade was short but it gave him that little warm glow he lived for. Her epithet just made him laugh harder though he managed to squeeze out a reply. "You're the one who unlaced my breeches and you didn't even buy me a drink first!" Tears were rolling down his face as he struggled to breathe as the hilarity of the moment had him in its grasp.


Stopping in her tracks, she let out a growl before running back toward him throwing herself at him punching with all she had. “I’ll buy you a drink; you shameless spawn of a trolloc whore, a drink of your own blood!†Shaneevae reared back her fist with every intention of blooding his lip when she realized just what she was doing. It was one of those surreal moments where you stop mid-action and see things from outside yourself noting how obscene your actions really were. An Aes Sedai straddling a Tower Guard, fists tight and unleashed fury on her face, whatever happened to her cool Aes Sedai demeanor? Taking a deep breath, she stood, straightening her skirts, she calmly walked back to their horses, “The let us be about our journey.â€




Tower Guard


Shaneevae Sedai

Brown Ajah

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Grunting, Aran shut the door of the cabin behind him. They had arrived yesterday, late as they'd stopped on the way to buy supplies. Now it was Aran's task to ready the horses while Shaneevae prettied herself up. It wasn't that Aran disliked her, he struggle to summon that sort of energy for most things, but she was beginning to take a certain delight in directing him. That was going to have to stop sooner or later.


Most likely sooner. There was a certain give and take with giving orders. When one gave orders, one expected them to be carried out. Placing the saddle on her horse, Birdie, he adjusted the straps with a grin before patting the horse reassuringly. "Your horse is ready! Hurry up!" He began working on his own horse, making sure to secure himself a good view as he did so.


Rolling her eyes, Shaneevae put the finishing touches on her hair. Not that she thought it was necessary to look one’s best while traipsing about the woods and stomping through the mud, but she also despised having it hanging in her face while working. The gown was of the simplest wool intended for work yet the cut was still of the Tairen fashion exposing broad shoulders and other feminine attributes.


Exiting the small cabin, she continued at a leisurely pace simply to irritate that oaf calling out to her. Even the country garb could not detract from the regal bearing of Aes Sedai. Giving the bane of her existence a curt nod, she placed her foot into the stirrup and gave a little jump only to find herself falling to the ground.


The Brown sister let out a small yelp as she fell solidly onto her bottom. Narrowing her eyes, she stood brushing the dirt from her skirts and gritting her teeth, “I see you got too far into your cups last night, Aran.†She said as she tightened the straps of her saddle and then remounted. “Perhaps you should no longer imbibe on this trip. I think its I think its affecting your abilities.â€


Even though he managed to keep quiet, his eyes were watering from the effort. As she unveiled her ban on his drinking which was most certainly not going to happen, he tried to suppress the fact he was laughing about what was happening in his voice. He failed. "Indeed, that was a gross error on my part. Apologies, couldn't possibly happen again." His lips quirking, he swung himself into the saddle easily enough and waited for her to lead the way.


Jaw sore from gritting her teeth; she led the way without giving her companion another glance. No one had irritated her so thoroughly since Kylen though she had to admit that Aran was a bit more fun if not as clever. It took no more than an hour to reach their destination where she promptly set about marking off the area in order to obtain a proper sample of the dainty little flower. The Rannuculus was a delicate little flower and in full bloom all throughout the meadow.


Her faithful guard was once again slumped over his horse in preparation of a morning nap. Having none of that she wove a thread of Air and flicked him in the ear. Once she had his attention, she smiled and proceeded with her instructions, “Aran, I need you to run this line from this tree to that tree, while I set up the remaining perimeter. Can you manage that or are your abilities still muddled from last night?†Standing with her hands on her hips, she offered him the rope and a patronizing smile.


Rubbing his ear as he saw the smug smile she was throwing his way, Aran grinned. "My abilities are terribly muddled, in fact I'd go so far as to say that I'm unable. But you're such a sober and industrious girl, I'm sure you'll manage."


That was it. She was finished with this little game and he was about to get an earful. Skirts balled up in her fists, she charged over to his horse, grabbed his cloak and pulled him from his mount in one swift movement. Of course, she could have used the One Power and expended less energy, but it was hardly as satisfying as the physical action itself. Standing with one foot on other side of his. Standing with one foot on other side of his hips, she growled down at him, “Now listen here, you arrogant fool, you are here to assist me, not back talk, not sleep, not get soused every night and certainly not to irritate me to distraction.†Stooping low, she poked him soundly in the chest, “Now get your sorry arse up and do as you’ve been told.â€


"But normally I have to pay for this sort of thing, why stop now? Thats just teasing." Grinning, he poked her in her own chest. "You going to give me a hand up or not?" Light but his back was sore.


Offering him a hand, she helped haul him to his feet. “If it will initiate some sort of truce between us then I’m willing to do just about anything.†Handing him the rope, she sighed, “Listen, I could really use your assistance as this is very important work to me. Yes, it may just look like a bunch of flowers to you, but if I’m correct and I’m quite certain I am then there could be some medicinal benefits to be found among these blossoms.†If she could not appeal to him using common sense then she would appeal to his sense of compassion. “Many could be helped by this. Do you not want to be part of something that could help so many?â€


"Not really, I'm highly self absorbed." Grinning, Aran continued before Shaneevae could give her tongue free rein. "Look, I'm a Tower Guard, I guard things. Thats it, everything else is extra. I'm perfectly fine with doing extra, but words like please and thank you wouldn't go astray either, no?"


Shaneevae twitched her mouth and studied him for a few seconds. He was quite right actually and that perturbed her mightily. Common courtesy had been tossed aside since she had been dealing with him and that was simply not like her. Finally, she sighed in resignation, “Yes, you are right, Aran. I have been remiss in my manners. Would you be so kind as to lend me a hand? I would be ever so grateful.†Grinning mischievously, she added, “I may even buy you your next bottle of brandy to show my appreciation.â€


Holding up the rope, Aran grinned at her impudently. "See? That didn't hurt too much now did it? And I'm holding you to that promise." Meandering towards the tree, Aran hummed to himself as he did so. That hadn't ended nearly as violently as he thought it would.




Tower Guard


Shaneevae Sedai

Brown Ajah

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It had been a rather successful day and the Brown sister was quite pleased with the progress being made. Since she and Aran had made a tentative truce, things had gone quite smoothly. Opening the door to the cabin, she fully expected the Tower Guard to be taking a nap. That man took more naps than anyone she’d ever known. It wasn’t as if her were exerting that much energy.


With the realization that she had the place to herself, she decided a bath was in order and quickly set about making that fantasy a reality. Checking outside the door to make sure that Aran would not make an unexpected appearance, she quickly shimmied out of her clothes and sunk down into the steaming water. Pleasure coursed through her body as she leaned her head back against the rim of the copper tub. Having help was nice, but having alone time was all the better.


Grinning, Aran kicked his horse into a gallop. It had been a decent trip to the closest village, but it had been worth it. Not only had he managed to secure some apple brandy, but he'd bought it with Shaneevae's coin. Well, it wasn't really her coin, it was actually the Tower's coin, but that was beside the point. The hut in sight, tonight was going to be fun. Mainly because he intended to get Shaneevae drunk so she would say stupid things which he could then remind her about the next day. That and if she was prone to hangovers, he could get a sleep in.


Shaneevae was just about to dose off when she heard the approaching horse. “Blood and bloody ashes. Can a woman not get any peace?†Before she could pull herself from the tub, she heard the rattling of the door. Frantically, she jumped from the tub and pulled her soiled dress to cover her nakedness. “Aran! Don’t come in. I’m indecent. Give me a few moments, please.†She froze, not sure if hewould obey or not. He had a tendency to ignore any direct order she gave.


Dismounting from his horse, Aran laughed. "You're always indecent!" Grinning, Aran walked over to the door. Should he or shouldn't he? Grabbing the handle, he twisted it quickly and shoved it forward even as he ducked away. It was a compromise, not looking but still giving her a fright. Walking to the horse to retrieve the bottle and unsaddle the horse he called back at the hut.


"Hurry up! I want to sit down!"


Squeaking, she ran for her bags and quickly donned a pale, silk robe. “Don’t you dare, you perverted sot!†Tying up the sash, she sighed in relief. “Besides you spend more time on your backside than you do upright.†She laughed at her own jest and walked casually to the door to give him the all clear.


Pointing to the saddle, he waved her off, he still needed to see to the horse. It was a bit before he was done, but the feel of the bottle in hand made it feel entirely worth it as he wandered into the cabin, closing the door behind him. Waving the bottle at her, he grinned "Consider the promise kept. Oh, and you're drinking as well. What are we eating tonight?"



Snorting was so not ladylike, but she did it anyways. “I don’t know. Did you not plan anything for our evening meal?†She poked her tongue out in another act unbecoming an Aes Sedai and the pointed to the fireplace indicating the kettle of stew bubbling. “A glass of wine will suffice, thank you. I’m not much of a drinker.†She sat primly at the small table in the corner tightening her robe and crossing her arms, an obvious act of insecurity on her part realizing just how vulnerable she was clad in nothing but a thin piece of silk.


"We're out of wine, and everything else for that matter. Funnily enough, I didn't bring enough drink to last the entire time I was here." Smiling, he looked through his things for a couple of cups before heading over to the table and setting them down. Setting them down, it only took him a moment to work the bottle open with an ease that bespoke of a great deal of practice. Pouring both cups, he pushed one over to her. "I guess we'll have to make do with the brandy. So when will the stew be done?"



“When you serve it up.†She replied batting her eyelashes. Tentatively she peered at the cup he had pushed towards her. Lifting it reluctantly, she sniffed at it and cringed. Apple brandy. The worst hang over she had ever had in her life was from apple brandy. Jarrod had assured her it wouldn’t harm her, but somehow an Aes Sedai had danced on the docks that night with every sailor within reach. Shaking her head, she pushed the vile concoction back towards her companion. “I’m sorry, but I think I’ll have to decline the offer.†She could not possibly get overly friendly with Aran out here in the middle of nowhere. Whereas Jarrod had done the decent thing and took her home, Aran would most certainly take advantage of the situation to its fullest.


"Not an option." Pushing the cup back towards her, he stood up and looked for the bowls as he spoke. "While I could manage drinking alone for a couple of days, its actually a pretty terrible thing. So, the only way I can drink is if I have someone to drink with me, and seeing as you're the only other person here, you're drinking." Finding the bowls he was after, he ladled stew into both as he continued. "Think of it as a favour, I'll owe you."


A favor owed. Well, now that had promise, but at what cost? Taking a deep breath, she stared at the cup full of brandy as if it would grow wings and fly off. Exhaling, she got to her feet and went rummaging through the cupboards finally finding what she’d been looking for….day old bread. Actually, it was several days old, but channeling a fine stream of Fire and Water into it may rejuvenate it enough to be edible. Carrying it back to the table, she broke off several small pieces and began to cram them into her mouth. Once she was satisfied that her stomach could handle the volatile brandy, she took several sips. Just a slight burning sensation. Shaneevae smiled. “Happy now?â€


"Immensely." Grinning at her, he set her bowl of stew before her and sat down with his own. Throwing back a decent sized swig, he topped his own cup and her own before he spoke. "So, what is so good about this flower we're out here for anyway?" Pleasant dinners were always the best ones, and talking about something she was comfortable about would ensure it was pleasant.


“Well,†She said taking a healthy drink of the brandy. “This little flower is used for a myriad of purposes ranging from cosmetic to easing the symptoms of all sorts of maladies, maladies of the stomach and bowels to be more precise.†Leaning forward, she smiled and blinked heavily before taking another drink, “It may not be glamorous work, but we all know how debilitating those kind of problems can be and on the rare occasion they can be life threatening.†Shaneevae shrugging and grinning took another sip. It did have a delightful taste.



Tower Guard



Brown Ajah

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Laughing, Aran just shook his head. "So why are we here watching it grow then? Instead of testing how to use it on people?" This seemed to be more something for Yellow sisters to be doing, but Brown sisters had to have a hand in everything. Taking a mouthful of the stew, he half nodded to himself, it was turning out to be fairly decent.


Smiling, Shaneevae blinked heavily once again and nodded her understanding. “Good question. The soil is different in different parts of the world. This particular flower grows best in more acidic soil." The Brown Sister shrugged, “It can’t be planted just anywhere and expected to produce the same results.†With a quick drink, she licked her lips and continued, “This is actually what I’m researching, whether the specimens here are the same as the ones in Tar Valon; whether their potency is comparable to my other samples.†Lifting her eyebrow in question, she leaned forward, “Does that make sense?â€


"Yes, and no." Grinning, Aran continued. "How can you test potency without actually using it on someone?" He vaguely understood what she meant about soil, but that wasn't what had his attention. Chuckling, he pointed at her. "Your robe is slipping by the way."


Grinning mischievously, she casually tightened her robe, “Actually, I’m still in the stage of determining growth rates, taking measurements, how much pollen is produced…..so on and so forth.†Pushing her hair behind her ears and wrapping her arms around her chest, she shivered. The setting of the sun had left a distinct chill in the early summer air. “We can’t simply start giving this stuff in mass quantities without testing it first. Additionally, there are monetary concerns and whether it feasible to produce it in the quantities we suspect will be needed.. It’s quite involved, really.†Channeling, she stoked the fire from her seat and smiled at the attractive man across from her. Why hadn’t she noticed that before? “Doesn’t this conversation bore the Light out of you?â€


"I wouldn't say I was bored, of course I might just not say anything." Grinning, he topped up their cups as he spoke on. At this rate, he was going to get quite a long sleep in. "So why did you decide to do this anyway? You've got a world of other things you could possibly be doing instead."


“I suppose I do, but I really look for any excuse to get out of the Tower.†She laughed. “The library is all well and good, but you can only learn so much from old books. Knowledge needs to be sought and that’s what I do…..I seek.†Taking another healthy drink of her brandy, she looked up at him from over the rim of her cup. “Besides, there are times when I do not care to be known as Aes Sedai."


Aran laughed, my but she seemed to have forgotten her meal altogether. "We're both lucky then. You don't care to be known as Aes Sedai, and I don't care to notice people as Aes Sedai." Definitely forgotten about her meal, he'd have to refill her cup before long. "Why not just leave the Tower for awhile? I didn't think you'd need an excuse to travel."


Chuckling, she conceded with a nod of her head. “You are correct. I don’t need an excuse, but I do need a reason. I need a project, a goal, something to keep me occupied and fulfilled. I could not be satisfied flitting around the countryside buying gowns and sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong.†Preparing to take another drink, she paused. Her cup was empty, now how had that happened?


Pouring her a new cup, Aran spoke in turn. "Fair point. Still, if you went traveling there's plenty more to keep oneself occupied than buying gowns and sticking your nose in business." Topping up his cup, he set the bottle down and took a sip from his own cup before adding. "Plenty of people to talk to and learn from."


“Once again, you’re right.†Shrugging she leaned her chin on her hand and studied his face. “But as I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m not very perceptive to the dangers around me and I have no warder and no desire for one. I would have to lock myself away in order not to be a danger to myself.†Shaneevae laughed a throaty laugh that ended in a hiccough. Covering her mouth, she giggled again. "Now Aran, do tell me a bit about yourself. I’m sure you’re much more interesting than I.â€


"What could I tell? Actually, there is something you could tell me first maybe. When you played that joke a few days ago, did you do something first or did I fall out off my horse? I was a bit confused when I woke up." Throwing back the rest of his cup, Aran gave himself a refill before topping hers up. Now he was mulling something else over in his mind.


Raising one finely arched eyebrow, Shaneevae tilted her head and looked at him quizzically. “No, you didn’t fall off your horse, but what do you mean by did I do something first?â€


Grinning, Aran held his hands up and waved his fingers in the air. "You know, with the power. Because I'm surprised I didn't wake up until after my breeches had been unlaced and shirt undone."


Laughing, Shaneevae mocked him by waving her own fingers in the air, “Well, of course I used the power to unbutton and unlace everything.†Grinning seductively, she leaned forward and winked, “I do not touch anyone unless they request it.â€


Aran took another mouthful of his meal as he considered his answer. The apple brandy was clearly taking its toll already, or maybe it just didn't take her much. All things considered, that was just as likely. "So, do you always touch when requested?"


Flashing her brows, her lips turning up in a seductive smile, she purred, “Depends on who’s doing the asking.â€


Laughing, Aran filled up their cups again. "I'll have to keep that one in mind. But, your cup's full, you're going to have to do something about that." Grinning, he took a sizeable swig from his. He was definitely beginning to feel the brandy a bit now.


Raising her cup in salute, she took another drink and laughed, “Just make sure to ask politely. Please and thank you couldn’t do any harm.†Shaneevae winked reminding him of their earlier conversation. “Where are you from, Aran and how long have you been with the Guard?â€


Grinning, Aran pointed to the south vaguely. "I'm from that way, and too long. But coin is good and I get to meet people that I otherwise wouldn't and wake up in places I don't remember being, like on a certain woman's cloak."


Well, he was just a font of information. Rolling her eyes, she reached out and smacked at his hand, “But a lovely cloak it was just like its owner.†Shaneevae returned her gaze more cautiously this time as she studied him. Whipcord slender, taut and rather appealing in a devil may care sort of way, not hard on the eyes in the least.


"Ow... Ow..." Rubbing his hand like he'd been genuinely hurt, Aran grinned at her. "The cloak doesn't do the owner justice I think. On the otherhand, the owner isn't doing the brandy much justice, you aren't slowing down are you?"


“Thank you and no I’m not.†Lifting the cup to her lips, she downed the contents feeling the fiery burn down to her stomach. Setting the cup back upon the table, she felt a drop of liquid still upon her lips. Running her tongue slowly across her mouth to ensure every drop was savored, she never took her eyes from his. “Is that better?â€


"Much better." Grinning as he refilled the cup, Aran was finding that the situation could go either one of two ways. One of which involved him sharing his bed, and he was finding he wasn't sure about it. Well, sharing the bed was most likely a bad idea considering they still had a few days to go, on the otherhand that was also the appeal of it. That and her. "You know, if I didn't know better, I'd almost think you were a regular. You don't head out into Tar Valon often by any chance?"


Yes, the brandy was beginning to have a severe affect on her, feeling a flush creep up her cheeks; the Brown began to fan herself. “A regular drinker? “ She paused giving his question consideration, “Well, not really. I drink a few glasses of wine each day and indulge heavily only rarely, but I’ve always been able to hold my own relatively well.†Standing, she stretched cat-like and sauntered to the door, throwing it open and allowing the early summer breeze to cool her heated cheeks.


Thats really not a good idea... Shut up! Its perfectly fine. Don't do it, you know what can happen if things go bad. It was the last thought that made Aran wince slightly. Still, he was considering it. That was a rather short robe after all, and with the breeze as it was... Probably not a good idea. "You alright there? Sure you didn't have too much?"


“A bit better. I needed the fresh air or I would have been forced to continue this conversation sans clothing.†Laughing, she took the bottle he offered and took a sizable sig. The brandy ran down her chin and in an effort to catch it, she ran her fingertip along amber trail. A plump drop of the liquid balanced precariously upon her middle finger. Looking sideways at him, she grinned wickedly, , “Care for a taste?â€


Alcohol. Taking her hand gently, so as not to spill the drop of course, he returned a wicked grinned of his own as he helped himself. Pulling back, his hand slowly left hers as he spoke. "Better than from the bottle. But you missed a bit." Reaching forward, he ran a finger up her neck and to her chin before offering it to her.


Shivering as his finger trailed up her neck, a tightening sensation filled her with anticipation as she opened her mouth. Pulling his finger between her lips, she stood, moving to face him. Lowering herself onto his lap, she placed his finger to the pulse on her neck and bent low to take his mouth with hers.


You have to be kidding...


Well, it was decided. One moment it was passion, next moment it was pass out. Shaneevae's head was balanced on his shoulder as she snored away gently. How did that just happen? The only thing hold her from falling on the ground, Aran was finding himself both displeased and relieved. On one hand, he had just missed out. On the otherhand, there wasn't going to be a terribly awkward morning ahead.


Banishing aside thoughts flitting through his mind, Aran slipped an arm under her legs and hefted her over his shoulder. He couldn't just leave her outside after all, probably have to throw down a blanket too in case she was sick.




Tower Guard


Shaneevae Sedai

Brown Ajah

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