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Approved BT Bio for Leyrann Therian -CC'd by White Tower

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Bio of Leyrann Therian


Name: Leyrann Therian

Hair colour: Blond

Eye colour: Blue

Build: average, but some inches (two, maybe three) taller than most Andorans

From: Caemlyn

Age: 20


In 979 NE, Leyrann was born in a small family. He has one younger sister and one younger brother. In spring 999 NE, his younger sister, being 17 at that point, leaves their home and travels to Tar Valon, hoping she is able to channel. Leyrann, who has just heard of the Asha’man, also wants to channel. His parents forbid him, but when they weren’t home, he wrote a note and left his home. Because he had no horse, he just went walking from Caemlyn to Tear. After more than a month, at the first day of the Feast of Lights, he arrived in Tear. He walked to the first Asha’man he saw, and asked him to do the test. The Asha’man said he didn’t have time then, but if Leyrann could come to a certain inn the next morning, he could be tested. The next morning he went there, and three Asha’man were in the main room. One of them was the Asha’man he met the day before. This Asha’man said he should come a bit closer, and then he told what he was going to do to test him. He would make a small flame, and Leyrann had to concentrate on it. After wondering where in Tear the Asha’man lived, Leyrann concentrates on the flame. After what seemed like hours, the Asha’man let the flame disappear. And he told Leyrann was able to learn! When Leyrann asked if it always took this long, the Asha’man said it only took twelve minutes, and that Leyrann was fast. Then they went to the Stone, to a chamber without any furniture, and the Asha’man created something. A golden line, splitting, and making a portal or so to another place. The Asha’man walked through, and Leyrann followed. Then the Asha’man told Tear was not the real place where the Asha’man lived. They lived at a place they call “the Farm”. Then Leyrann asks where this place was, and the Asha’man said: “Near Caemlyn.” A bit irritated it was this close to his home, Leyrann walked further, and entered the Black Tower for the first time.

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