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Greetings and Salutations


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<Is dragged in by the seat of his pants by his wolf companion. He turns his golden eyes to her.> Really! I was enjoying that stew! You just had to...<The wolf slaps him with a paw and points to the new person> What? oh..Oh Hi there :D!


Welcome to the Mount!


Now that I have my wolfkin jokes out of the way I can saw welcome properly! So, welcome fellow Wolfkin fan >:3 I take from your forum handle you are a fan of Perrin? Or just the wolfkin in general at least :3! Have you looked around the forums yet? If so do you have any questions or concerns? I can answer or adress both! Or even point it out to the right person!


Though, I emplore you to check out the forums, and see everything it has to offer! Both the social and the RP side! Both have their awesome advantages and threads :3! Even if you dont join one or both of them its always fun to see what kind of hyjinx are going on around there!


Anyway, until next we speak! Have fun Storming the Mount!

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