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Guest Nitsuj

Hello everyone! I actually have a very specific reason for registering for this community. Years ago, a book store in my neighboorhood won a book signing event with Robert Jordan and my older brother and I were going to go and get a copy signed. By the end of the short wait my brother found out that he'd be unable to attend and asked me to please get a sig for him and I told him that I would get it done. On the day, however, I was annoyed at having to go alone and, being an impetuous youth, I decided I would come back when the line would be shorter...I didn't make it in time. I've felt terrible ever since and I was wondering if anyone might have a line on a signed copy of The Eye of the World, preferably without a name or with some variation of Jake/Jacob? If so, it would make a great older brother VERY happy and make a great birthday present. Feel free to email me at nitsujX@hotmail.com with any information.


Thanks so much and I'm sorry if this would fit better somewhere else, I wasn't real sure and wanted to get to the point ASAP.

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