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Hi everyone, my name is Rishad. I'm a 20 year old Computer Science student. I'm into CG and Film and I hope I can make an animated fantasy short film one day. Currently working towards it. I loved the Lord of the Rings movies and watched them a couple of times right after they came out. At the time I was a kid and I tried reading the books as well. Somehow I found Tolkien a bit dry at the time and only managed to read some of Fellowship. About four years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Wheel of Time and promised me that Jordan was a lot less "dry". So I gave The Eye of the World a shot and I loved it. I finished the book a couple of weeks before RJ passed away and it really hurt me at the time. I would occasionally read the Dragonmount blog to read RJ's posts. I thought it was great that an author of his stature connected with his readers and fans like that. Some of the tributes after he passed away were beautiful, I must say. For a while I found it hard to make time to read WoT, but I just finished The Shadow Rising and I've started The Fires of Heaven. I hope to keep reading throughout the summer as well.


I follow [twitter]JamesLuckman[/twitter] on Twitter and briefly introduced myself to him there. Then it struck me to check out the Dragonmount forums and sign up. So here I am! Lol I'm not sure how much I can contribute because I'm only on the 5th book, but I'll try to stick around. :)

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