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hey ppl,


after listening to the 4th age podcast for a few episodes i thought i'd better follow the boards too and while doing that just wanted to say hi :)


its great to see such an established community for wot .. its sad that i just met wot in february (read all the books tho :p). i didn't have the chance to discuss most of the storyline, so i probably don't know about the theories that are confirmed/widely accepted/refuted. please send a pm if you see me contradicting one in an argument with a link preferrably ;)

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Guest Egwene

Hi Joyz, there are always new people joining that are in the same boat with you.


Yes, you get some people getting impatient with repetition of an argument... but hey... they too, were new once. So don't be put off by it. There is absolutely no way that you can catch up on all the theories floating around overnight.




The above is a fantastic reference site and will come in handy :wink:


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