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Yellow! The New Color of Love: Valentine's artwork


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Who doesn't like a friendly competition of skills, creativity and have the whole package of being the best of the best.


THEME: Anything Valentine's Day related.


What does that mean: Anything that focuses on LOVE! :wub:


Categories: Literature: Poems, Limericks, songs, etc.

Artworks: Drawings, paintings, sculpture, etc.

Digital: Siggies, banners, avatars, etc

Edible: Food related like cakes, cookies, etc.


Who will be judging: Me (of course) and Nynaeve of the Yellow Ajah


Prize: Getting a nice Yellow Ajah V-Day avatar and siggy from Me (Doodah). :happy:


So how to get started: You guys just have to post it in this thread, a picture of your work and stating what category it is (only one category for each member).


Deadline: You guys have up to February 13th, 2011 to get your artwork in.


P.S. Please keep comments down to a minimum. Thank you.

So lets start getting those artworks in and good designing/writing/cooking.

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