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Band of the Red Hand RP website!


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Hey! Listen!


... *waits for everyone to swat their own personal 'navi' outta the air*


I hope that a dedicated website to the BOTRH RP might help us get things moving, and would like you all to chime in and let me know what you think!




There's a couple bugs with it yet, but i'm working on them. The ones i know of:


Pages need titles

Bios empty

archive empty


I will only post bios of those people that have posted or chimed in since i've assumed leadership of the band. that should, hopefully, keep things too uncluttered by in character deceased members, and the RPers who have left the rp here at DM behind.


Meanwhile, archives will start immediately, an attempt to try and catalog a running timeline of the band. It will be organized by real time year and month, and from there in the closest order i can manage. If you want your RP to be included, please add it to this thread here so that its contents can be added!


More to come red arms!


~~Maglin josVinn

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