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Hey folks,


I'll be honest, I posted down in the RP section first :P Some of the following is copied from my post there, with additions.


So, i've decided to go by the name Auctionhouse here on DM, though my real name's Jared and i'm a university student in Ontario, Canada. I've been forum-based roleplaying for about eight years now across nearly every genre, though in the past year I haven't done very much with my experience due to school and video games. I've been an avid fan of Robert Jordan for a long time, and first fell in love with his writing NOT from the WoT series, but rather from his collections of Conan the Barbarian stories. Of course, I've spurned those now in favour of WoT :P In a similar way I also love the writing of Brandon Sanderson, our golden boy, but discovered him first through a copy of Mistborn I picked up on the cheap just for kicks. Other than that I'm heavily involved in student Politics at my University, I Dungeon Master a DnD 4e campaign weekly, I play WoW as an officer of a 350 person WPvP guild and I have a heavy 'nerd' background in Star Wars and Warhammer (Fatasy and 40k).


I started reading the WoT series about ten years ago through one of the 'youth' versions. In other words, it was the first half of EotW in a softcover format, and I didnt even own the second half. Over time i've come to really love WoT, especially EotW (I've probably read it a dozen times in itself). I was always interrupted in reading the series, however, and so at the beginning of this past summer I set to reading everything that had been released at the time. Well, summer jobs got in the way, as did WoW, so i've only just caught up to, and am about to read, Towers. Wish me luck on this next installment of the journey, i'm sure I won't be able to put it down once I read the first page!

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