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I've been lurking in the shadows here for a couple of years. I now finally decided you won't hurt me and I dare show myself. So, hello, here I am!


I've read the series probably...hmm... a few times now. That doesn't mean I have control, though. The first time I read the first five books or so I did so in Norwegian and (1) the translation was so bad sometimes the meaning got all twisted and (2) they split all the books in two or three and somehow I managed to read them in the wrong order. I've read them again in English of course, but my first read is still the one I remember the most vividly, so don't trust anything I ever say about those five books.


I'm looking forward to discussing nitpicky details with everyone! Amazing how much fun that is!


Oh, and I've seen a lot of people around here don't like Egwene. Well, call me crazy, she is probably my favorite character. Closely followed by Nynaeve. Yes, I really do place both of them above Mat.

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