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Hello All


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New member here.

I just finished reading tGS a couple of days ago and had to come check out the site.

I've had you all bookmarked for a long while now - but seeing as I'm a chronic-acute spoilerphobe I've stayed away from just about any WoT online resource.


Boy, do I have a lot to read here, wow.

I'll probably stick to tGS's board for now, just to get my feet wet.

Any suggestions as to some other fun/interesting boards to check-in on?


Glad to finally be able to fully join the ranks of the Dragonmount.  :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome folks! :)


And wow were you right Bela, just staying up to date, let alone reading all of, the tGS board alone is starting to eat my life. ;D


ETA: Bela, what's up with your amassing minions? Seems more a make-over/fashion initiative than anything else right now :P  Don't get me wrong, I like chocolate as much (if not more) than the next guy, but I'm kinda lost…

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The Minion Thing is...well I came up with a silly plan,to break the Wheel,cover it with chocolate inside and outside - and in Fiddles,we talk about it and have some fun,that is all :D


Join if you want-no join if you have large amouts of free time ;D

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