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Discussion limited to satisfying the "WHERE" requirement of Asmo's death

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i know there are TONS of posts about Asmo! 


But i'm posting this new thread b/c people for the most part are avoiding the "Where" and i'd like this thread to only deal with this topic if possible


I believe that RJ's statement that Asmo's killer can be deduced by figuring out the manner in which death is absolutely final based on a unique circumstance of "how" AND "where" you die.


if this can be figured out, perhaps then it is IO who killed Asmo.


THe theories out there do not consider that the "and" followed by "WHERE" renders null and void ALL theories that do not REQUIRE a specific "WHERE" necessary to the reason why he can't be ressurected. 


this is like a formula that RJ provided to us to discovery the answer.  AD=H+W but AD not equal H without W  (AD-absolute death; H-How; W-Where)


Then, with that answer, or theories that satisfy, lets ask who could be the killer.






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