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Hello everyone, new to the forums...for the second time (I think)


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Hello everyone,


I'm not entirely new to Dragonmount, having been a registered member since, I believe, 2000.  However, I never posted on the forums and can't remember my old account name and password, so I just had to create a new one.  But this site, along with wotmania before it shut down, where my two primary sources of information about the series.


I've been a member of several WoT fan sites in the past, but in 2003 I stepped away from them for, what I thought, would be the last time.  I had discussed theories to death, and it was right about the time the series had slowed down for me anyway (Crossroads of Twilight came out around that time, if I remember correctly), so I had lost interest in discussing the books.  But I still loved the Wheel of Time.  That never went away.  But my desire to talk about these books did.


And now The Gathering Storm has been released.  Well, it's 3 am and I have to be at work in 4 hours, so that should tell you all you need to know about how thrilled I am with this new book, if I'm over here registering a new account so I can discuss it.  It's amazing.  My love for the Wheel of Time has been renewed, and I need to talk about it or I'm going to explode.


So hello again guys.  I doubt I'll be a part of the organizations or anything, but I'm sure you guys might see me post from time to time in the discussion forums.  :)

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