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  1. **looks around for her mentor**

    You around?

  2. *snuggles her mentee* Oh Marta :D Such lovely Arches, and I'm so happy you are being raised to the Ring. You're a credit to the WT, and put me to shame for Community activity :D Long may it last :D TO MARTA *raises a toast*
  3. Well, I asked the bosses, and they said it was ok to have an unofficial DM chat, provided everyone was clear that it was UNOFFICIAL, ie they had nothing to do with it. OK, sez I. So, if you are an IRC user, we're on the server bonzai.sorcery.net and the channel name is #dm-unofficial and if you don't use IRC, just click the link on my sig for a cheaty shortcut to the channel. And remember, this channel is nothing to do with the mods here, but I'm sure they'd be so happy to know that you were all playing nicely!
  4. Jumps into the snuggling queue. *snuggle* I am so happy! Mashin is so great, and I know she will be happy as a Gray, and we will be all the happier to have her!
  5. Thank you all so much for coming *packs leftover food into doggy bags for everyone* *remembers this time to make separate bags for dinner and desserts*
  6. Come, everyone! Sit, eat! I thought Cairos'd be back to carve the bird, but I can do it just as well. *carves slices of turkey with flows of air* Come on all, tuck in! *heaps mashed potatoes, baked mac and cheese, and green bean casserole onto her place* YUMMERS!
  7. *hurriedly brings out an extra table for all the food* Wow, everyone. It's great to see you all!! *hands out spiced hot punch to everyone* I have to admit, I've only celebrated thanksgiving once, and that was in Germany with a roast chicken, so I don't know if it counts! If I'm doing anything wrong, do tell me :D
  8. Oh, yummy yummy!! Thank you all :) *hugs Jaydena, Charis and Elliara* Would you all like some punch?
  9. Seryanne took one last look at the dining hall, to make sure that the gleaming place settings were laid out to Cairos' exacting specifications. The hall was decorated with autumn garlands, and warm fires crackled in each of the tall fireplaces. The tables themselves were bright with candles and pine cones, and the whole effect was one of cosy welcome. She went to the kitchen and put the finishing touches to the gravy, and brought it out to the sideboard in the hall, which was groaning with the weight of the food on it. A huge, perfectly roasted turkey, gave off a tempting aroma, and the dishes surrounding it looked no less delectable. There were creamy mashed potatoes, corn piled high and steaming, candied yams, roasted squash and crystal bowls of cranberry sauce. Soft-baked rolls, wrapped in snowy napkins to keep them warm, filled round baskets. She placed the gravy on the table, cast a lustful eye at the dessert table, smoothed down her gray dress and went to the doors of the hall. Welcome, one and all, to the Gray Ajah Thanksgiving Dinner. Come in, and take your ease, and fill your bellies among friends. Cairos is delayed, but sends his love to you all, and will be here shortly. If you were so kind as to bring any food with you, thank you so much, and you can pop it alongside the rest. I hope that you all are hungry, because there is plenty of food to go round!
  10. WOOP WOOP!!! Congrats Torrie!! What a Rash of Reddie Raisings this is :D *confettis joyfully*
  11. Lol, Kara. Those aren't good odds for poor Cairos :) Thanks for the congrats everyone :D
  12. I'm just getting to the point where verin and gang arrive in caemlyn. will confirm soon :)
  13. I've been noticing this on my current trawl too. She mentions them, and thinks of them a lot more in the earlier books, definitely. I suppose it was a decision taken not to draw more minor characters. Can't imagine why the line was drawn there though :) I think she might have as many as four, if my short-term memories serve me as well as I hope. That or there were four including her. Perrin/Faile don't even mention them. Which is odd, as Bran and Marin al'Vere are clearly big influences on the Two Rivers characters.
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