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Hello - Audio Book Junkie Here


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Hey Everyone


Been a recent WOT fan(atic) - few years I would say, and while I have listened to the series three times I have never actually read one sentence in the book.  Incredible, something I will have to remedy.


The audio books are incredible of course, looking forward (with only some apprehension) to the audio version of book 12.

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Hi Rygar, you're very welcome to DM!


What makes the WoT audiobooks so incredible? I've only listened to a couple of audiobooks ever, but they were non-fiction, pop-sciency stuff.  I'm really curious to hear!


I hope you have a good wander around the boards here and find a place that feels like home :D

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Michael Kramer.  He reads as if he loves the books themselves and truly gets into the characters with nuances in his voices.  When from a female point of view we get Kate Reading who is great too.  Nothing like a Nyneve snippet from the voice of a woman :)


The intro to EOW had me hooked immediately.


Also, Rand "talking" to Lews Therin in their crazier moments is perfect.  LT comes across as insane of course, but the intensity/panic/maniacal one track mind in his voice is wonderful.


Find a way to listen to the intro of EOW and if you don't like it, then audio books just aren't to your liking.  But think of the possibilities-  WOT while you drive, WOT while you work around the house, WOT while you make lunches for the kids in the morning, WOT....

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