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Unaired Buffy Pilot


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Guest Yveva

yup. It would suck to be the first chick though and know the part had gone on to such popularity, while you faded to obscurity. (or maybe she didn't, I dunno...)

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  • Moderator

Though I did like the bit where Xander holds Buffy's purse while she's slaying vampires. They really should have kept that, even though it screams "LOOK! We're challenging gender stereotypes here!"

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I'm also glad they changed Willows. The first one didn't seem terribly effective in the part, especially when pitted against Cordy's "wit".


This version also seemed to me to have more humor than what I remember from the first season. Is it just me or did they tone it down and make it more action-y for tv? I felt like I laughed an awful lot for a 25 minute program and I don't remember season 1 being like that.

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